Monster Hunter Rise and Nintendo Switch are popular on Amazon in Japan

Monster Hunter Rise and Nintendo Switch are popular on Amazon in Japan

What is the best-selling game in Japan on Amazon? Monster Hunter Rise obviously, the Capcom game has in fact monopolized the ranking of the best-selling products on the well-known eCommerce site, followed by three different Switch bundles.

Monster Hunter Rise Digital Code Version is by far the product best-selling, follows the physical version of the game and as mentioned Nintendo Switch with three different configurations. A news that is not too surprising but that confirms how Rise is destined to enjoy considerable success in the land of the Rising Sun.

According to analysts, the game will not reach the numbers of Animal Crossing New Horizons but in any case it is of the biggest launch of 2021 at least until the release of Pokemon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl, two other sure blockbusters for Nintendo Switch.

If you want to know more, we refer you to the review of Monster Hunter Rise and we invite you to tune in at 12:00 on the Twitch channel for a long marathon that will keep you company throughout the afternoon. Tomorrow at 19:00 instead we will go hunting for monsters with Cydonia, Sabaku and Kurolily.

Did you know? In Japan, a company gave its employees time off to play Monster Hunter Rise on day one, scheduled for Friday, March 26.

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