Final Fantasy 6 Remake: gameplay video shows an interesting idea from a fan

Final Fantasy 6 Remake: gameplay video shows an interesting idea from a fan

Final Fantasy 6 Remake

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has proven to be a masterpiece and players can't wait to try out the new additional episode dedicated to Yuffie (assuming you own PS5, of course). Inspired by this success, fans around the world then began to imagine what remakes of other chapters could be like. Now, a YouTube channel offers us a gameplay video in which we can see a very interesting version of Final Fantasy 6 Remake.

As you can see in the short video, the author has decided to opt not for realistic graphics and three-dimensional, and not even for a "modernized" pixel art graphics. The YouTube channel offers us a Final Fantasy 6 Remake created with only animated artwork. The short video first shows the overworld with an artwork of Earth moving, until it triggers a chance encounter.

Within the battle, the characters and enemies are made based on the drawings by Sakaguchi. The visual impact is remarkable and in all honesty we'd love to see a lot more of this fan-made Final Fantasy 6 Remake.

Obviously, in addition, the combat system is faithful to the original, with an ATB structure , attacks, spells and Earth transformations. Final Fantasy 6 is sometimes "forgotten" by the general public, since for many Final Fantasy 7 was the first game of the saga, but worldwide it is one of the favorite chapters of historical fans and for many good reasons. A Final Fantasy 6 Remake would certainly be more than welcome.

Finally, we would like to point out another fan-made work: Final Fantasy 8 Remake, here are the incredible images.

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Final Fantasy 6 Remake gameplay imagined by fan

Final Fantasy VII Remake recently celebrated its first anniversary and, with a PS5 upgrade plus the new “Intergrade” Yuffie story chapter on the way, it’s still very much in spotlight.

However, if there’s one FF game that truly needs some love it’s Final Fantasy 6. More than a quarter of a century old, the 1994 JRPG classic has been tweaked and modified over the years though fans are pining for a full-on Final Fantasy 6 remake.

We recently discussed the possibility of a remake and now, after seeing a concept gameplay footage courtesy of Final Fantasy 6 mega fan Jean Ledieu, it’s only made us want it even more.


The brief reel of fan-made footage depicts a traditional turn based JRPG battle as heroes Edgar, Terra, and Celes team up for a fight.

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What works so well about this Final Fantasy 6 remake demo is its use of Yoshitaka Amano’s original art for the characters. If the fan favourite entry in Square’s long-running roleplaying series is to one day make a return, we’d like to see it lean into Amano’s incredible concepts instead of following the same approach as Final Fantasy VII Remake.

For those who have never played FF6 – or even seen it in action – it’s a bizarre game even by Final Fantasy standards, dialling up every aspect of the beloved JRPG in terms of story, presentation, and enriched gameplay.

An ideal remake for Final Fantasy 6 would see the turn-based combat would remain, yet with some modern flourishes. FF6’s battle system still holds up yet certain aspects could be streamlined, expanded, and sped up. It would also give the developers a chance to rebalance certain characters, making some of the weaker, less popular party members more viable.

Almost three decades after its Super Famicom release, there’s a surprising amount of untapped potential in Final Fantasy VI waiting to be discovered. For now the fan favourite JRPG remains in crysis, like a dormant Esper, but one day we may see this genre-defining classic reawaken.

Source: YouTube (Jean Ledieu)