DisplayHDR 2000 certified monitors? It's all false, they don't exist

DisplayHDR 2000 certified monitors? It's all false, they don't exist

DisplayHDR 2000 certified monitors? It's all false

VESA has released a statement denying recent claims that two recently spotted monitors have achieved “DisplayHDR 2000” certification because, in fact, it doesn't exist. The statement was released in response to advertisements on Taobao, a popular Chinese retailer, for an updated version of a Samsung Odyssey G9 and the new Acer EI491CRG9 monitor. Both product pages featured a logo stating that the devices supported the DisplayHDR 2000 standard.

VESA said they were "unaware of the origins of the DisplayHDR 2000 logo currently featured in these listings," adding which "takes any misuse of its brands and logos seriously," which suggests that those logos won't stay on the pages much longer. "Until the displayhdr.org website reads DisplayHDR 2000," said VESA, "any use of this logo should be considered unapproved and misleading." The organization has also updated the home page of the DisplayHDR website with the same statement.

The presence on the official website could suggest that it is not excluded that DisplayHDR 2000 may officially debut in the future but, for now, the VESA's highest level of HDR support is DisplayHDR 1400, which only a few products on the market can sport. Recall that DisplayHDR is a completely open industry standard that sets the quality specifications of HDR (High Dynamic Range), establishing parameters such as luminance, color gamut, bit depth and rise time. For further details regarding the DisplayHDR 1400 standard and its demands, we recommend that you consult this page.

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DisplayHDR 2000 certified monitors? It

VESA said in a statement that the two new super-ultrawide 5K monitors from Acer and Samsung do not have DisplayHDR 2000 certification -- and that's because the standard itself doesn't exist (yet).

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