Apple has to advertise Russian software

Apple has to advertise Russian software

Starting April 1, Apple will show a screen that will allow Russian users to install government-approved software. The Cupertino-based company has therefore decided to comply with the law passed at the end of 2019 which requires manufacturers to display applications from local developers during the initial configuration of the device.

Russian software on Mac, iPhone and iPad

The law in question was approved by Parliament in November 2019 and signed by President Putin a month later. It was supposed to go into effect in July 2020, but the deadline was later moved to April 1, 2021. The aim is to help Russian developers by giving users the right to choose local alternatives. The law applies to smartphones, tablets, notebooks, PCs and smart TVs.

The list of software (chosen by the government) will be shown during the initial setup of the device. The names are not known, but there will almost certainly be Yandex (search engine), (e-mail service), MIR (payment service), VKontakte (social network) and Kaspersky (antivirus). Users will still be able to deselect the software during the procedure and delete them later.

Obviously, applications must comply with all Apple's privacy and security rules. The Russian government will change the list based on popularity to avoid the creation of dominant positions. In the past, the Cupertino company has made various changes to comply with local regulations (for example by indicating Crimea as a Russian territory on Maps or by eliminating the Gay Pride watch face), but now it has been forced to change the initial configuration procedure to avoid legal consequences.

Source: The Verge