Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil Chapter comes out this June

Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil Chapter comes out this June

Dead by Daylight

In a Resident Evil showcase for the 25th birthday of the series, a crossover with Dead by Daylight was announced. The new figure from the Resident Evil universe will line up alongside figures like Freddy Krueger, Pyramid Head, Michael Myers, and the Demogorgon - and will certainly feel at home. We'll get more details on which characters will make it into the game in a special showcase for Dead by Daylight's fifth birthday on May 25th. We received a small foretaste of the upcoming Resident Evil chapter in a small teaser trailer.

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The Resident Evil chapter is slated to be released in June 2021.

'Dead By Daylight' Collaboration With 'Resident Evil' Happening Soon

  • Behaviour Interactive will be adding 'Resident Evil' characters to 'Dead By Daylight'
  • It is not yet known which monsters or characters are going to be added to the game
  • The full reveal is scheduled for May 25
  • As part of the 25th anniversary of the “Resident Evil” franchise, Capcom and Behaviour Interactive will be introducing iconic characters from “Resident Evil” into “Dead by Daylight.’

    A teaser trailer was recently released, featuring an unknown character hanging from a meat hook in a large forest area. An emblem of the Umbrella Corp logo falls to the ground as the hapless victim is taken by the Entity, “Dead by Daylight’s” primary antagonist.

    Unfortunately, not much has been revealed as to which “Resident Evil” monster is going to be added to the game, or which of the series’ many protagonists are going to get introduced into “Dead by Daylight’s” pool of survivors.

    The Resident Evil series is best known for its zombies and other terrifying bioweapons

    The Resident Evil series is best known for its zombies and other terrifying bioweapons Photo: Capcom

    Fans are hoping for at least one of the Tyrants from “Resident Evil” to be the next killer in the series, with either Mr. X from “RE 2” or “RE 3’s” Nemesis being the main choices. However, nothing is yet set in stone and the collaboration can go in any direction until official announcements are made.

    Behaviour Interactive will be diving more into the “Resident Evil x Dead by Daylight” collaboration on May 25th, which marks the 5th anniversary of “Dead by Daylight.” The developers will be streaming on Twitch for what may be a reveal or presentation for the upcoming characters.

    “Resident Evil” will be the latest addition to “Dead by Daylight’s” lineup of crossovers with other popular horror titles. The game has added both killers and survivors from famous horror franchises like “Halloween,” “The Nightmare On Elm Street” and even “Stranger Things.” Many of mainstream media’s monsters like “Silent Hill’s” Pyramid Head had proven to be good fits for the game’s mythos, and fans expect “Resident Evil” to follow suite.

    “Dead by Daylight” also has its own cast of unique characters. The game’s latest update introduced The Trickster, a crazed K-Pop idol to the lineup of killers.

    The game’s community has generally received “Dead by Daylight” positively despite controversies around the game’s monetization and somewhat toxic playerbase. Many fans are hoping that the “Resident Evil” collaboration will bring in even more players to the game once the update goes live in June.