Silent Hill, the author Keiichiro Toyama and the new horror: new concept art

Silent Hill, the author Keiichiro Toyama and the new horror: new concept art

Silent Hill, the author Keiichiro Toyama and the new horror

In December 2020, the father of IPs such as Silent Hill, Gravity Rush and Siren announced his decision to found Bokeh Studio, a new independent software house.

The identity of the new project is currently under a thick halo of mystery, with the team currently only confirming that Keiichiro Toyama's next game will be a horror. A confirmation that has predictably aroused the interest of all the players who have been orphaned by the anxiety transmitted by Silent Hill and still burned by the cancellation of P.T. / Silent Hills by Konami. Recently, the Japanese videogame mind announced the willingness of Bokeh Studio to collaborate with a well-known Japanese author. the thoughts of many have flown to Hideo Kojima, but there are currently no confirmations that support this hypothesis.

A new concept art now comes instead to pique the curiosity of fans of the horror genre . Published by Bokeh Studio's official social accounts, the image is rather cryptic and gloomy. Available directly at the bottom of this news, the illustration features a disturbing creature as protagonist, as well as a suggestive review of symbols and geometric figures that seem in part to refer to references of an astronomical nature. What do you think, are you curious to witness the reveal of the new Keiichiro Toyama project?

Silent Hill creator's new studio shares cryptic concept art

Bokeh Game Studio © Provided by GamesRadar Bokeh Game Studio

Bokeh Game Studio, the new outfit from the creators of Silent Hill, has shared new concept art for its mysterious upcoming horror game.

You can see the concept art for yourself just below, direct from the official Bokeh Game Studio Twitter account. As for what the cryptic-looking artwork could potentially mean for the studio's next game, it's really anyone's guess, but the account did have some fun with fans wondering if there was a hidden release date in the new art.

If you're unfamiliar with the developer, Bokeh Game Studio was established late last year in 2020 by former PlayStation veteran developers. Leading the new studio is Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, who spoke briefly about wanting to bring something new to the horror genre with BGS.

Shortly after the studio was first announced, Toyama revealed that the team would be working on a horror-adventure game, slated for release in 2023. The Silent Hill creator believes that hardcore horror games are a hard sell for the general gaming population, and so he chose the horror-adventure genre as a means of welcoming those who wouldn't usually brave horror games.

No matter what Bokeh Game Studio is teasing with the enigmatic concept art, it's certainly a long way away. In the meantime, we'll be keeping an eye on those Silent Hill revival rumors, which previously claimed a reboot was in the works at a 'prominent' Japanese studio.

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