Two Point Campus is getting mod support, soon in beta

Two Point Campus is getting mod support, soon in beta

Two Point Campus is getting mod support

Two Point Campus, the excellent management software from Two Point Studios, will soon receive support for mods, with a first beta introduction expected soon, although there is still no official launch date for this new feature. br>
The announcement was made by the team directly with a post on the official Two Point County blog, with reference to an arrival of mod support in the next period, "very soon" but without a more precise reference yet to about. The team's previous title, Two Point Hospital, had also turned on mod support through Steam Workshop later than the game's launch.

In this case, mod support should be even more extensive, so much so that the team has signed an agreement with to "allow cross-platform mods on PC and console", so obviously content created by users can be built and applied both on PC and console, in sharing.

Two Point Campus will not go through Steam Workshop for its mods, but will have an autonomous system thanks to the collaboration with Mod. io, which will allow access to the feature on both PC and console, waiting to see how it works.

As reported by the team, a beta period for this additional functionality should start shortly, during which it will be possible to try it in a practical way to see how it works. Considering the structure of the game, the addition of mods could significantly extend the playable content, and therefore also the longevity of the title.

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