The free-to-play model with microtransactions is "doomed to collapse" for the former Dragon Age boss

The free-to-play model with microtransactions is doomed to collapse for the former Dragon Age boss

Former Dragon Age boss Mark Darrah doesn't believe the free-to-play market, fueled by microtransactions, has a place in the future of video games. According to him, he is bound to collapse. When? Hard to say, Darrah doesn't believe very quickly.

In a recent Q&A Darrah, who served as executive producer on the Dragon Age series, talked about free-to-play games, stating that the microtransaction model on which were built will eventually collapse. He specifically said: "Personally I think it's going to collapse. The first mobile game I played that was free-to-play, I think I spent $ 80 on it. I thought, 'I'll play it forever, it's worth it.' And then I quit within a couple of months after spending all that money. "

He then claims that after spending about $ 20 on the next free-to-play game," he dropped it again faster "and now he no longer spends anything on these kinds of games. The developer doesn't believe his experience with free-to-play titles is unique and sees a future where most players will spend next to nothing, rendering the model unable to sustain itself.

Fortnite is the classic example of free to play "I think this story will start to be experienced by more and more people," says Darrah. "So eventually, there will bea> more and more people spending little or nothing, and the whole thing will focus more and more on the" whales "and, at some point, those of us who played these games for free will realize that we are satisfied and they will stop paying. My feeling is that eventually it will become unsustainable and something else will have to come. "

Whales is a term used to indicate those players who spend a lot of money on a free to play product.

However, Darrah doesn't seem to think that the decline of free-to-play games will happen anytime soon, acknowledging that "it hasn't happened yet, and that it has been around for some time", so at the moment " I wouldn't bet on the timing, "he says. In a nutshell, if you want to see free to play disappear, even a very critical person like Darrah doesn't suggest you hold your breath.

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