The Chant: Prime Matter horror launch trailer, now available on PC and consoles

The Chant: Prime Matter horror launch trailer, now available on PC and consoles

The Chant

The Chant is now available in stores for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC. To celebrate, the developers of Brass Token and the publisher Prime Matter have released the launch trailer of their survival horror, which you can view in the player at the head of the news.

The Chant is a colorful action adventure and survival horror psychedelic set on a remote island, where players will have to survive disturbing creatures that have started unleashing after a spirit ritual went terribly wrong, opening a portal to a nightmare dimension.

We will play the role of Jessica Briars, one of the participants in the spirit gathering, and our goal will be to investigate the secrets of the island and a mysterious cult, while facing abominations of various kinds, which take shape based on the fears and anxieties of the characters, as well as the other people who attended the retreat, now completely mad.

The "spiritual" combat system allows players to collect and use items they find on the island, such as sage sticks and essential oils, to create weapons. Resource management is clearly essential for survival and when these are scarce, escape becomes a practically obligatory choice.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the game, just a few minutes ago we published our review of The Chant, in which Simone Pettine states:

"The Chant is an uncanny descent into other dimensions, rightly separated from our plane of existence; an adventure based on cultism, nature, prismatic science, gurus and meditations. It's not a video game that really wants frightening, and even the jumps from the chair can be counted on the fingers of one hand, but despite this a subtle anguish will very soon begin to pervade you. On the main narrative there is little to criticize, also because the same starting point is not only interesting, but in part also original. Several reservations could be advanced on the technical sector, not exactly brilliant, especially from the point of view of the animations of the characters, too lacking during the dialogues, and in general unsatisfactory even in all other contexts; environments, thanks to the general charm and the atmosphere, are saved. Finally, as survival horror, The Chant rarely shines with its own light, but the mechanics proposed - the tripartite one between Mind, Body and Spirit, as well as the possibility of making and using improvised objects - are consistent with the general approach of the whole experience. If we have to choose for you, we recommend that you give it a try. Especially if the classic horror titles have never really convinced you. "

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