PS5: Sony aims for 23 million units in 2023, the price increase had no negative effects

PS5: Sony aims for 23 million units in 2023, the price increase had no negative effects


Sony PlayStation aims to sell at least 23 million units of PS5 in the course of fiscal year 2023, or from 1 April to 31 March 2024. An estimate made taking into account the increase in console production and a demand that remains very high, despite the increases introduced a few months ago.

This was revealed by Hiroki Totoki, Sony's chief financial officer, during the last meeting with the shareholders of the Japanese company to share the results of the last quarter, in which PlayStation posted record numbers, net of a drop in profits.

As previously reported, among the negative points is a decline in the number of PlayStation Plus subscribers, which rose from 47.2 million to 45.4 million. According to Totoki, this result is due to a drop in PS4 player engagement, which is physiological but much faster than the company expected, where it remains very high on PS5.

As a result, Sony intends to increase production and aims to sell at least 23 million PS5s over the next fiscal year, 5 million more than the target of 18 million expected for 2022, staying ahead of what made by PS4. Likewise, the company expects God of War: Ragnarok to achieve a better success than its predecessor, at 23 million copies.

PS5 PS5's 23 million unit milestone in the next fiscal year looks like definitely ambitious, even considering the recent price increase of the console. However, Totoki said that the price hikes for standard and digital models have had no negative effects, with high market demand having remained stable over the past few months.

The CFO has also unveiled an interesting detail to show that the console is selling like hot cakes: on average it takes only 17.5 hours to sell 100,000 units of PS5 after they are delivered in stores in the US.

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