Netflix: The ad-supported subscription blocks at least 258 movies and TV series in the US

Netflix: The ad-supported subscription blocks at least 258 movies and TV series in the US


As we have reported, Netflix has since yesterday made available a new level of subscription, namely a low cost one with advertising, maximum resolution equal to 720p and a certain number of films and TV series that are not accessible. The reason behind this latter problem is to be found in the licensing agreements. Now, offers an analysis of which products are blocked in the US: there are at least 258.

Obviously, the licenses vary nationally so the complete list indicated by GameSpot cannot be identical to the Italian one. What is interesting, however, is a series of considerations made by the American newspaper that apply to all countries where Netflix with advertising is available.

First of all, there is no easy way to see which shows are not. are accessible. Simply, if you search for a certain movie or TV series and it is locked, a padlock appears in the upper right corner of the product poster. So if you want to know which products you cannot see in Italy through the subscription with advertising, where you must subscribe and manually search for each product.

Popcorn are not included in the subscription with Netflix advertising (or in the others, for that matter) It is then pointed out that there are a lot of Netflix original content that cannot be viewed: the problem in this case seems to be mainly related to those Dreamworks / Netflix products designed for a young audience, such as Baby Boss, Trollhunter and Madagascar: It is clear that Dreamworks does not want its products to be associated with advertisements that are not suitable for the very young.

Subsequently, there are problems with various films where it is clear that the licenses are shared with other publishers who according to previous contracts did not want advertising before and during their films. Netflix says it is working on the issue and will likely try to get the companies it buys licenses from to accept advertisements in their products from now on. With some shows already loaded, however, he will necessarily have to redefine the agreements, as long as it is possible and it is economically advantageous.

For details on price, advertising length and functionality of the service, you can refer to our news dedicated.

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