Marvel Snap: The creator talks about the possibilities of a single player mode

Marvel Snap: The creator talks about the possibilities of a single player mode

Marvel Snap

Ben Brode, the creator of Marvel Snap and co-founder of the Second Dinner development team, said he had the possibility of bringing a single-player mode into the game. In short, you shouldn't hold your breath in anticipation of this mode for now.

Speaking to IGN USA, Brode talked about what the team thinks about single player PvE or similar modes, stating that a large part of what makes Marvel Snap special revolves around multiplayer.

He specifically said, "I don't know. The game is very different from other card games, right? And so a lot of the fun in the game is in the mind games and trying to figure out what your opponent might do. I don't know. I guess we haven't thought enough about what that might be like to know for sure if we would be able to do something really fun in that space. I think there is a lot of room for new modes. We have many interesting ideas for new multiplayer game modes, but I don't know about single-player ".

So it seems that the goal of Brode and Second Dinner is to create the best experience multiplayer possible. Tell us, is that okay for you or would a single player mode be welcome?

In our Marvel Snap review we explained to you that "Marvel Snap is a really solid and well-made trading card strategy, featuring from very immediate mechanics but also from a tactical depth capable of making the experience engaging in the long run. The large amount of characters on the roster, the options for enhancing the cards, the scenarios with their bonuses and malus, great interface and lightning-fast matchmaking mark a great start for Ben Brode's new project. "

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