Decathlon Running Week, super offers on running shoes and jogging clothing

Decathlon Running Week, super offers on running shoes and jogging clothing

Decathlon Running Week

If you love to go for a run or, why not, even take some quieter walks, the offers of the Running Week that Decathlon has launched these days are for you. The well-known retailer, in fact, offers for this occasion a whole series of discounts on running shoes and jogging clothing, perfect for tackling both indoor and outdoor walks and runs in the best possible way. In short, opportunities not to be missed.

Among the numerous products on offer on Decathlon for the Running Week we can find many runnin g shoes, even high-end ones. The Asics Gel Ziruss 5, for example, are offered with a 26% discount, while Mizuno Wave Ultima 13 reach up to 30%. Obviously there is no lack of cheaper running shoes, much less everything that is necessary to do some jogging: backpacks, shorts, technical t-shirts and even some heavier clothing, so as not to interrupt training even in the cold months that are now at doors.

In short, the products on offer for the Decathlon Running Week are so many and all offered at a great price. If you are interested in taking a look at us, you can find them on the dedicated page.

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