Xbox Series X: few pieces available now on Amazon

Xbox Series X: few pieces available now on Amazon

Xbox Series X

We point out that, starting from 11:30 of this, you will have the opportunity to take home an Xbox Series X on the Amazon store! In fact, we do not know how many units are available for you but, given the very high demand since the release of the next-gen Microsoft console, we are more than sure that only the fastest will be able to bring home the new Xbox. Here is the link from which you can immediately access to buy the product without losing even a second!

If you want to take advantage of the gaming parterre of the Xbox Game Pass, or the subscription with the best quality / price ratio you can find on the market if you are looking to play as much as possible by spending less, you cannot fail to try to buy one of the units available on Amazon!

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Giant Xbox Series X sets world record – upstages the Xbox fridge

That’s not going to fit under your TV (pic: Michael Pick)

Inspired by the Xbox fridge, someone decided to make a fully functional Xbox Series X console that’s just as big.

Remember last year when someone built a giant, fully operational Nintendo Switch? Well, the same person has done the exact same thing for the Xbox Series X and broken a world record in the process.

At 2.08 metres tall and 1.04 metres wide, it’s described as being 600% larger than a regular Xbox Series X console.

Unsurprisingly, this makes it the largest Xbox Series X in the world and has been recognised as a Guinness World Record. Although we’re not sure what the second biggest is… a regular Xbox Series X?

The giant console is roughly the same size as the Xbox Series X fridge that Microsoft made as a joke. In fact, it was that fridge that inspired the giant Xbox’s creation in the first place.

YouTuber Michael Pick was disappointed that the fridge was simply that and wanted to make something like it that could still be functional.

While his giant Xbox can’t be used as fridge, his YouTube video demonstrates how it works. It’s technically a wooden casing for the actual console, which sits in a shelf that can be opened from the back.

Pressing the power button sends a signal to a device that presses the button on the console. Pick even went to the trouble of making the top of the casing curved like the console, something Microsoft didn’t do when it made the fridge.

He admits that this was much harder to do, and it took him two weeks to achieve a level of detail most people will never see, but he says it was worth it.

Much like his giant Switch, Pick hasn’t kept it for himself and has donated it to charity. Specifically, the YMCA Youth and Teen Development Centre in Atlanta, Georgia so children can play games on it.

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He also had another YouTuber, ZHC, customise it with unique artwork. ZHC is the same guy who spent £50,000 building a giant PlayStation 5.

This comes not long after another YouTuber created their own custom PS5. Although they went in the opposite direction and made it much slimmer, which seems considerably more practical.

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