Xbox Series X back on Mediaworld, no queue!

Xbox Series X back on Mediaworld, no queue!

Xbox Series X back on Mediaworld

Notice to gaming enthusiasts, the fantastic Xbox Series X is available for purchase again! Almost two years after its launch, the Microsoft flagship is still extremely difficult to find in stores, so it is a truly unmissable opportunity for anyone interested in entering the new generation. The opportunity is even more tempting because the console is available at its original price of € 499.00 and without code!

If you are thinking of entering the world of next-generation gaming and were looking for one of the new consoles, then this is the right time for you, especially thinking about how difficult it is to find even the products of the competition, such as the nowhere to be found PlayStation 5.

Read also: Xbox controller | The best of 2022 For this reason, we invite you to dive into the page dedicated to the product and complete the purchase proposal as soon as possible, since the consoles could run out at any moment! We guarantee that in the meantime we will always keep you updated on new availability of this article.

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Reminder: Xbox Series X available again on the MS Store today at 18:00

We remind you that, if you are looking for an Xbox Series X, the Microsoft Store will have new availability of the console from 18:00 today, on May 17th. If you do not want to miss the opportunity, we therefore advise you to connect at that time to this address: we suspect that the availability will not last long.

Important: When Microsoft announced similar availability in the past, it wasn't on time and sales were opened 20-30 minutes later than the announced time. So if at 18:00 you do not find the available consoles, keep trying for at least half an hour!

Good shopping!