GTA San Andreas, forget about the Trilogy - this is the real remake fans want

GTA San Andreas, forget about the Trilogy - this is the real remake fans want

GTA San Andreas

After analyzing the projects of the Enfant Terrible collective, today the Unreal Engine 5 returns to flex its muscles. And it does so with a possible remake of GTA San Andreas, one of the most appreciated chapters by fans of the Grand Theft Auto series, thanks to a beautiful concept trailer produced by TeaserPlay.

The movie shows what a possible remake of GTA San Andreas would look like if made with the Unreal Engine 5. The trailer, which does not contain playable elements inside, shows a next-gen version of Groove Street, one of the most iconic places in the series and starting point of the chapter launched over 15 years ago on PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC and which has recently returned to players with a slightly improved version, but still not free from criticism due to some graphic and technical problems solved only months after the launch.

Take-Two Interactive is in fact working to release around 8 remastered versions of its old games by 2025. According to some rumors, Rockstar Games could be committed to a couple of very interesting remasters such as Bully and the first Red Dead Redemption, as well as an update for PS5, PC and Xbox Series S | X of the second chapter. Obviously, these speculations will only be confirmed over the next few months or years. You can read all the details about the publisher's strategy by visiting this address.

This GTA San Andreas Remake in Unreal Engine 5 Is the Real Deal

GTA San Andreas really deserves to get a remake as great as ninth-gen titles, and this new fan project gives a glimpse of how amazing Grove Street could look in Unreal Engine 5.

Unreal Engine 5 is a beast and there is no doubt about it. Aside from the major development teams who have already started to create their new worlds inside Epic’s latest engine, we have seen some incredible fan remakes and demo projects that show off the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.

Recently, an Unreal Engine 5 modder has recreated Grove Street from Grand Theft Auto San Andreas inside this powerful engine, and the result is undoubtfully astonishing.

GTA San Andreas Remake - Amazing Showcase In Unreal Engine 5 l Concept Trailer

TeaserPlay recently shared some footage from their most recent project in Unreal Engine 5, which is the recreation of Grove Street, the iconic neighborhood from GTA San Andreas. The mod showcases both day and night in Grove Street with impressive visuals, high-quality textures, and amazing lighting.

A 3D model of CJ has also been used in this demo, which has been created by Hossein Diba. It’s not a MetaHuman project, but it looks absolutely detailed.

Unfortunately, this is not a playable project and the modder won’t publish this to the public as they could face serious problems afterward, regarding how aggressive Take-Two is towards modders. That being said, it’s still a great effort to show off the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5, and let the fans know what a next-gen Grand Theft Auto game would look like, though Rockstar will probably use its internal engine for developing GTA 6.

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  • This project is something we really wish to become an official thing someday by Rockstar Games, though it probably wouldn’t happen anytime soon.

    GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is currently available for 8th and 9th consoles as well as PC with improved visuals and gameplay controls.

    Source: DSOG