Summer camps? with that of Monopoly you learn economics

Summer camps? with that of Monopoly you learn economics

A summer camp dedicated to Monopoly? In the United States it is a reality and aims to teach children and young people the first rudiments of financial economics.

With the closure of schools, summer camps for all tastes and inclinations, such as sports themed ones, make their appearance , naturalistic or artistic, but in the United States a very special and particular one has been launched: Monopoly Money Matters Camp, the official Monopoly summer camp where children can learn how to best manage their savings.

Monopoly is available for purchase online

Monopoly Money Matters Camp: what it is and how it works

Monopoly's Money Matters Financial Literacy Camp is an official Hasbro initiative organized by Varsity Tutors, a specialist company in educational solutions and study assistance, aimed at children between 9 and 17 years old.

The summer camp will aim to bring Monopoly into the daily life of children through the discovery and learning of the principles the economics behind the game. Once you have grasped these concepts, they will have to be used to develop your own "house rules" (ie your own personal rules) and property cards, in order to redefine your experience of the game.

Monopoly Money Matters Camp si will take place online every week throughout the summer. The sessions, from Monday to Friday, will last approximately two hours and will be divided into three segments (theory, debate and practice) referring to the topic of the day.

In exploring the different topics, the students will be supported by an economics teacher who will guide them through concepts of marketing, entrepreneurship, business strategy and help them to put to good use what they have learned.| ); }
Regardless of the financial literacy level of each of the participants (or the parents of the girls and boys involved) it is interesting to witness the birth of such an initiative, which thus demonstrates the potential of the game as a didactic tool. In particular, it is interesting to note how a game like Monopoly where speculation and bankruptcy are the two main themes (not exactly a kind of ethical finance therefore), can instead be used as a tool to teach young people more or less complex and safe economic concepts. usefulness in everyday life.