Sony Showcase: will the PS5 Dualsense "Pro" be unveiled at the event? Here's what Tom Henderson thinks

Sony Showcase: will the PS5 Dualsense Pro be unveiled at the event? Here's what Tom Henderson thinks

Sony Showcase

Now that the Sony Showcase has been officially announced, the well-known journalist and videogame insider Tom Henderson is back to talk about the event and what news we can expect. Apparently among these there will probably not be the Dualsense "Pro" for PS5 that rumors have started circulating in recent days.

Announced yesterday evening, the Sony Showcase which will air on June 28 will be linked to the presentation of "new products". Since this is an event unrelated to the PlayStation brand, there will probably be no news related to the games in production by PlayStation Studios, such as God of War: Ragnarok, however, for some time there has been talk of the announcement of gaming headsets and monitors, as well as a Pro controller thought for PS5 to satisfy the most demanding gamers.

The latter is at the center of Henderson's latest statements, which says it will not be announced during next week's showcase, at least according to information received from his sources, which instead confirmed the presentation of the three headsets and two monitors of the INZONE line, as well as a partnership with Valorant.

Does it mean that Riot's shooter is finally in the pipeline also on PS5 and PS4</a>, with the official announcement that will be made during the Sony Showcase? Apparently not, again according to Henderson's sources, with the collaboration therefore that could involve limited edition variants of Valorant-themed headsets and monitors.

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Sony Inzone hardware reveal — here's everything that's coming to PS5</a>

There have been rumours abound on what to expect from Sony's upcoming showcase, including new headsets and monitors sporting 'exclusive features for PlayStation,' as well as other leaked products such as a potential PS5 'pro controller' that may or may not make an appearance at the showcase next Tuesday.

This article will be updated in the future with every Inzone product announced; check back after the event for more information.

No new PlayStation console hardware to be unveiled at Sony showcaseThe details we know for sure are that three new headsets will almost certainly be making an appearance, as the design of the products were leaked over at 91 Mobiles. We have specs for two new monitors as well, and given that the showcase video has since been posted with the tagline 'Find Your New ZONE,' this all but confirms the rumoured Inzone branding will in fact be the subject of the video.

Whether the Pro Controller, or any other hardware for that matter, will appear at the showcase is yet to be revealed. Tom Henderson at Try Hard Guides, one of the major sources for the leaks, has reported that there will be 'no news of a new console' at the event, so those holding out for a story on an upgraded PS5 or some yet-unannounced PS Vita 2 won't find what they're looking for this time around.

We'll be updating this article with any news and confirmations from the event, so make sure to check back here after the event on June 28th so as not to miss any big revelations. In the meantime, hit the comments below and let us know what you would like to see at the event.