PC Game Pass: video shows lots of games coming to D1, here is the list

PC Game Pass: video shows lots of games coming to D1, here is the list

PC Game Pass

Microsoft has released a video dedicated to PC Game Pass, the subscription service specifically available on computers. In the video we can see the games that will arrive on the service at D1: the list is made up of the games recently announced. Here is a handy list of those shown in the video:

Starfield Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Flintlock Redfall Pentiment A Plague Tale: Requiem As Dusk Falls Forza Motorsport Ark 2 Naraka Bladepoint Grunded 1.0 (already available in a previous version) Minecraft Legends Hollow Knight Silksong Ara Hystory Untold

Even if it is not seen in the video, in the description of the video we can see that High on Life is mentioned, another game coming to D1 on PC Game Pass. Obviously, many of these games will arrive on the service at D1 also in the Xbox version. The shared one is a trailer designed to remind players that Game Pass is absolutely enjoyable even on PC only.

Tell us, among the games mentioned which are the ones you are waiting for the most? Which ones will you absolutely want to play since D1?

We also remind you that all the games mentioned should be released by June 2023, unless there are any delays. Speaking of delays, Pete Hines talked about Starfield's postponement and nearly moved in an off-air video.

Did you notice any errors?

Next Two PC Game Pass Games Confirmed, Including Total War: Three Kingdoms

Creative Assembly revealed that it will be bringing Total War: Three Kingdoms to PC Game Pass on June 21.

Total War: Three Kingdoms takes place during the year 190 CE in China with the Han Dynasty about to collapse. To keep the kingdom together, a new emperor needs to lead and unite the different factions. Players will be able to pick between 12 Warlords to fight against enemies and gain new allies along the way.

The game's map covers iconic locations in China such as the Great Wall and the Yangtze River. It has also received several patches and DLC, such as the Furious Wild, which introduced Shi Xie as a new playable character.

Total War: Three Kingdoms first launched on May 23, 2019, for PC and is the 12th mainline entry in the Total War series.

In our Total War: Three Kingdoms review, we said, 'This is the most ambitious that Total War has ever been, from the variety of different ways that you can enjoy the game to the sheer scope of the stories that they've weaved around each unique character's playable experience.'

Another game that's coming to PC Game Pass is Last Call BBS, which is the last game from Zachtronics. It'll launch onto the service on July 5.

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