Overwatch 2 will still include a triple-A narrative campaign

Overwatch 2 will still include a triple-A narrative campaign

Overwatch 2 will include a triple A narrative campaign: in this sense, the move to the free-to-play model has not changed the plans of the development team, according to the words of game director Aaron Keller.

Shown with a New trailer at the Xbox Showcase, Overwatch 2 will boast PvE elements that, says Keller, "are still what we envisioned for the game." In short, no cuts have been made compared to the original vision for this new chapter of the Blizzard series.

"There will be a triple A campaign that will tell a linear story, but also a highly replayable mode for the progression of the heroes. The only difference is that this content will not all be released together with the launch, but will be distributed between seasons. "

" Some of the talents we have created for the PvE experience are truly spectacular and fun to use. for example Tracer can basically stop time using one of these abilities. It's really cool, but things like that can't work in PvP matches, "continued the game director.

Speaking of which, Keller has explained that the team was working on a similar system for the original Overwatch as well, but that competitive play requires you to know exactly what kind of abilities the characters possess, which is also why talents pen Sati for PvE cannot be ported to PvP.

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