Game of Thrones, Jon Snow could return in a new spin-off

Game of Thrones, Jon Snow could return in a new spin-off

Game of Thrones

While Game of Thrones fans await the arrival of House of the Dragon, the prequel series dedicated to the Targaryen house, Hbo seems about to formalize a new project with striking implications: according to Hollywood Reporter, in fact, the American network would be in the first stages of development of another spin-off series set in Westeros. This time around it would be a sequel and it would be focused on the character of Jon Snow, with Kit Harington who would in all likelihood return as the member of the house Stark. The series would therefore tell the events that took place after the end of the eight seasons, therefore after the end of Daenerys, the ascent to the throne of Bran Stark and the exile of Jon Snow himself beyond the Wall with the Night's Watch and what remains of the People free.

Even if nothing is known about the plot yet, it is possible that in the episodes of the new project old acquaintances and well-known faces may appear, in particular the closest relatives of the protagonist, such as the stepsisters Arya Stark (Maisie Williams), who has left for an exploration of the western borders of the Known World, and Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), now Queen of Winterfell. The focus, however, would be above all on Jon Snow, who according to many would have had an all too cruel fate at the end of the eighth season, just after discovering that he was the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne, but now condemned to death by the Unsullied precisely for killing Daenerys, their queen.| Modern Love anthological series. The series on Jon Snow would fit into a rather ambitious framework that Hbo is carrying out in the narrative universe of Game of Thrones: in addition to the aforementioned House of the Dragon, titles such as the adventurous Tales of Dunk are in various stages of development. and Egg; 10,000 Ships, dedicated to Princess Nymeria; 9 Voyages, on the explorations of Corlys Velaryon; Flea Bottom on the slums of King's Landing, and finally an undefined animated series.

Game of Thrones fans sceptical about Jon Snow sequel reportedly in development

A Game of Thrones sequel centred on beloved character Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is reportedly under early development at HBO, but fans are dubious about the potential venture.

In the series finale of the award-winning fantasy drama, which ended in 2019, Harington’s character is exiled from Westeros and journeys north of the Wall, accompanied by his direwolf Ghost and the Wildlings.

The sequel will pick up where the Game of Thrones series finale left off, with Harington set to reprise his role as Snow, according to The Hollywood Reporter’s exclusive report.

The Independent has reached out to representatives for Harrington and HBO for comment.

Fans have baulked at the news, with many sharing their scepticism on Twitter and referencing Game of Thrones’s widely disliked series finale.

“Why would I trust them ever again? Season 8 was one of my worst television ever,” one fan wrote. “It was so bad it took a top five show ever and made it unwatchable.”

Another suggested: “The only way this can work is if the first episode starts with him waking up from a nightmare before the last stand against the white walkers on Winterfell.”

Fans react on Twitter (Twitter/ screenshots)

“I have 1,853,660 votes that say they'll somehow screw this one up too,” someone added.

One wrote that they were “actually interested in this project,” however, with the caveat that the writing needed to not be “rushed”.

Harington’s portrayal of fan-favourite Snow earned him two Emmy nominations over the series’ run, which began in 2011.

Adapted from George RR Martin’s hit fantasy novels, the show is set to spawn several spin-offs, including the forthcoming House of the Dragon – slated for release in August this year.

House of the Dragon is set two centuries before the “the fall of the throne”, and features a cast that includes Paddy Considine, Emma D’Arcy, Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke and Rhys Ifans.

In addition to the Jon Snow sequel series and House of the Dragon, there are seven other spin-offs rumoured to be in the works at HBO.