OVHcloud launches AI Notebooks

OVHcloud launches AI Notebooks

OVHcloud announces the launch of AI Notebooks, the latest addition to the AI ​​Tools managed service offering.

This offers data scientists and developers the ability to quickly and easily obtain comprehensive machine learning models, from concept to production.

OVHcloud's AI Tools suite aims to make it easier for organizations to adopt AI, an important support given that over 56% of organizations worldwide have adopted AI in at least one business unit in 2021 (compared to 50% in 2020).

With the launch of AI Notebooks, OVHcloud allows you to explore and develop new models and share them within a team. | ); }
The AI ​​Notebooks offer will allow data scientist teams to focus on their AI projects by overcoming any critical configuration issues of their notebooks. Thanks to this ease of use, OVHcloud beta testers have already been able to accelerate their projects.

The AI ​​Notebooks solution is the latest innovation in OVHcloud's AI technology portfolio and has been designed to support data science teams in the different development phases, from storage (OVHcloud Object Storage) to data processing (Apache Spark) to development (AI Notebooks) to training (AI Training) and finally to deployment (ML Serving).

Like all OVHcloud solutions, AI Notebooks is based on standard technologies and has been designed and engineered in the group's data centers, guaranteeing total data reversibility and immunity to extraterritorial laws.

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