Microlino, here we are: the first deliveries by the end of the year

Microlino, here we are: the first deliveries by the end of the year

Microlino, here we are

Microlino is practically ready to make its debut on the market between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 when the company expects to be able to fulfill the first orders of the over 30,000 already collected in a short time; Micro Mobility's small light quadricycle promises to become a comfortable and practical mobility solution for big cities, where traffic reigns supreme and parking lots are increasingly wild.

As always these days, production hangs over the unknowns regarding delivery times: between the semiconductor crisis and the general difficulty in procuring materials makes the process of starting a new production particularly complex, but the Swiss company that started the project remains optimistic.

Finally, the technical data of the small Microlino have also been unveiled, proposed in a launch version called "Pioneer" with two exclusive colors: the heart of the Microlino is a 17 horsepower electric motor, powered by a 10-horsepower battery. , 5 kWh enough to travel about 177 km on a single charge. The car (or rather, the light quadricycle, this is the official homologation, and can therefore be driven from the age of 16) is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 90 km / h and has a torque of 89 Nm.

Those who manage to grab one of the Pioneer versions will also have the opportunity to enroll in the Pioneer Membership program, which offers a series of benefits to those who are part of it: the cars will be delivered with priority, it will be possible to visit the factory (Cecomp, a Turin) and be part of a dedicated maintenance and home assistance program in the event of a breakdown.| ); }
After the Pioneer edition dedicated to the launch, Microlino will be offered in the Dolce versions, more retro and characterized by warm and pastel colors, and Competizione, characterized instead by more modern and smart elements. In both cases, the customer will be able to make small customizations by simply using the company's configurator, which will soon be online. Moreover, on the site it is possible to book your own copy leaving only your data: it starts from 12,500 euros.

Microlino launches Pioneer Series, a limited run of its ultra-sleek, not-a-car electric microcar

Microlino has just unveiled its Pioneer Series, a limited edition of 999 electric vehicles to be produced on its Turin, Italy, assembly line and destined for its earliest backers.

The Microlino may look like a small electric car, but is actually classified as a quadricycle or L7e-class vehicle in most of Europe.

First unveiled six years ago at the Geneva Motor Show, the Microlino has taken a twisting, turning route towards production.

We got to take a closer look at the company’s Turin-based production line earlier this year, when the company promised that the first vehicles would be coming just a few months later.

More or less on schedule, Microlino is now preparing the first 999 units, which will be individually numbered as part of the Pioneer Series.

They will come in exclusive colors of Atlantis Blue and Torino Aluminium, only available as part of the Pioneer Series, and will include a sun roof, premium interior in vegan leather and suede, and a portable Bluetooth speaker.

The cars come equipped with a 10.5 kWh battery, which is said to offer 177 km (110 miles) of range. Over 80% of the car’s components are made in Europe, with most coming from Italy.

The small vehicle has a top speed of 90 km/h (56 mph) and a 12.5 kW (16.8 hp) motor, meaning it should be fairly peppy for the city but might take a bit longer to get up to its top speed.

The two-seater also sports 230 liters (8.1 cubic feet) of storage space in the trunk, despite its rather small appearance. The company describes the Microlino as having “space for two adults and three beer crates.”

If you aren’t familiar with the Microlino (or hell, even if you are), I recommend watching the one-minute video below to get a sense of the type of use this vehicle is intended for.

After the first 999 units of the Pioneer Series are produced, the company is expected to begin more full-scale production of Microlino vehicles. The company says it will bea> able to produce a Microlino vehicle every 20 minutes, once the factory ramps up to full production.

The vehicle is already available for pre-order with a price of €12,500 (approximately US $13,000).

Other quadricycles in Europe are also targeting this niche vehicle category, though few have done it with quite the design flair that the Microlino has managed to capture.

The category is still growing, and I had the chance to test out an Eli ZERO electric microcar recently on a trip to Milan, which you can see below.

But as soon as I can find my way into a Microlino, you better believe I’m going to make it happen!

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