Nintendo Switch, 23 million games sold in Japan in 2021

Nintendo Switch, 23 million games sold in Japan in 2021

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch has totaled over 23 million games sold in Japan in 2021, according to data published by Media Create: an absolute domination for the hybrid console.

We know that in terms of hardware units Nintendo Switch has surpassed the 3DS at home, but its huge installed base also translates into monstrous numbers as far as software is concerned.

The Nintendo console has in fact exceeded the sales of PS4 games by several sizes, stopping at 3.7 million copies in 2021, and of course those relating to PS5 games, equal to approximately 832,000 copies.

Nintendo Switch - 23,070,515 games sold PS4 - 3,695,693 games sold PS5 - 831,915 games sold 3DS - 62,571 games sold Xbox Series X | S - 4,962 games sold

The proportions of this Japanese domain appear even more evident when analyzing the top 1000 of new games sold in 2021, which sees the presence of 525 titles for Nintendo Switch: more than m age!

The top ten positions already give a pretty clear idea of ​​the situation:

Monster Hunter Rise - 2,201,544 copies sold Pokémon Brilliant Diamond - 1,118,240 copies sold Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - 1,064,417 copies sold Momotaro Dentetsu: Showa, Heisei, Reiwa mo Teiban! - 1,053,174 copies sold Ring Fit Adventure - 1,042,308 copies sold Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 794,862 copies sold Mario Party Superstars - 776,133 copies sold Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 740,706 copies sold Pokémon Perla Shining - 731,667 copies sold Minecraft - 709,110 copies sold

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Nintendo Switch Owners Get a Rare Freebie

Nintendo is all about some free trials – it's got one running right now for Mario Strikers: Battle League – but those trials typically come with strings attached to them. Sometimes those strings involve people having to have an active Nintendo Switch Online membership in order to test out a game, and if the trial is for Nintendo Switch Online itself, Nintendo typically restricts those to new users which means that if you've ever had a subscription before, you're ineligible. That's changed this time around, however, with Nintendo offering everybody a seven-day trial of Nintendo Switch Online regardless of this is your first, second, or 100th time subscribing to the service.

The offer was announced through Nintendo's socials with the atypical lack of restrictions highlighted several times within the company's posts. The only catch with this offer is that 'the free trial is available once per Nintendo Account,' Nintendo said, so you can't subscribe, cancel, and repeat the process indefinitely to keep your subscription running until this trial period is no longer active. You'll also want to make sure you turn off your auto-renewal if you don't plan on keeping you membership or else you run the risk of paying for it when you didn't intend to.

As Nintendo pointed out in its announcement post, you've got a couple of enticing options to try out once you redeem your free trial if this is the first time you've subscribed or if you've let your subscription lapse in the past. Nintendo Switch Sports came out not terribly long ago and proved to be pretty enjoyable. The aforementioned demo for Strikers called Mario Strikers: Battle League: First Kick is only limited to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, but once you activate your free trial, you'll qualify for that, too.

In addition to its library of paid games, Nintendo also includes some older, free games in the Nintendo Switch Online catalog as a subscription perk. Those games come from the NES and the Super NES as well as other third-party offers, and while there are Nintendo 64 games available with certain online subscriptions, too, don't expect to be playing those through this free trial. Nintendo specified in its announcement that the 'free trial cannot be redeemed for a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership' nor can it be used to extend any existing membership by seven more days.

Nintendo didn't specify how long this deal would last, so make sure you take advantage of it while you can before it goes away.