eFootball 2022: Konami anticipates the next news, some will be paid

eFootball 2022: Konami anticipates the next news, some will be paid

eFootball 2022

With a new post published on Twitter, Konami wanted to update us on the status of the next updates coming for eFootball 2022. To date, the free-to-play football title has a very different reputation from the one it got in its early days. The disastrous launch is now a distant memory for Konami, but there is still a lot of content to fix and a series of new features that have yet to debut in the title.

The new tweet published on the account eFootball 2022 official opens with thanks to all those who have populated the servers of the football game in recent months. In addition to this, Konami is keen to underline that it has received a lot of feedback on the game from users and in response the Japanese company wanted to present some of the updates planned after the release of version 1.1.0.

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We have received lots of feedback and questions on eFootball ™ 2022 from our users, and in response we would like to introduce some of the planned updates after version 1.1.0 onwards.

- eFootball (@play_eFootball) May 31, 2022

The post also focuses on what will be paid content coming up in the future. Among these will be the expansion of the number of teams that can be used in the leagues and the long-awaited Master League mode. The latter will be added at an unspecified time in 2023. In conclusion, Konami would like to state that it will continue to update eFootball 2022 following the feedback from fans.

eFootball 2022 Update 1.2.0: Everything We Know So Far

eFootball 2022 will be releasing patch 1.2.0 shortly and we have all the latest information around this upcoming update.

The game, made by Konami, is a successor of the very popular football gaming franchise Pro Evolution Soccer; however, eFootball has struggled since its release date in September 2021. Due to this, eFootball decided to relaunch as eFootball 2022 on Thursday 2nd June 2022.

Hopefully, this will be a lot more successful than the first release. One thing for sure is that there will be a lot of pressure on the developers to succeed.

The upcoming updates/patches for eFootball will be crucial as they will sort out bugs, and issues, and also bring new content to the game.

eFootball 2022 Update 1.2.0 Release Date

For the time being, we are unsure when the 1.2.0 update will be going live in eFootball. With a huge update (patch 1.1.0) live in the game ahead of the release of the relaunched eFootball, we might have some time to wait. When we find out more about the release date of this patch, we will let you know.

eFootball 2022 was recently released at the end of September 2021. © Provided by Give Me Sport eFootball 2022 was recently released at the end of September 2021.Planned Updates from eFootball patch 1.1.0 onwards

eFootball has been posting tweets providing information on what they will be working on in current update 1.1.0 as well as future updates.

Here is all the latest information provided by eFootball:

  • Free Content: Lobby Match in which users can create rooms online and play matches between teams created in Dream Team is scheduled to be available after summer 2022
  • There will be some editing functions and these will be available in winter 2022
  • Cross-platform across consoles and PC will be available in winter 2022
  • Paid Content: The number of teams that can be used in leagues and club teams will be expanded and distributed as additional paid content by the end of 2022
  • Master League will also be available as additional paid content during 2023
  • eFootball 2022 Patch 1.2.0 Patch Notes

    When the 1.2.0 update is released, developers Konami will release patch notes. In these patch notes, you will be told all the new content coming to the game as well as some known issues. The bugs that have been fixed will also be revealed. We will provide all of the updates for patch 1.2.0 when they are revealed.

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