Video games, France suggests avoiding the use of some foreign words

Video games, France suggests avoiding the use of some foreign words

Video games

France has always tried to preserve its language, translating and adapting many terms and words of common use in other languages. This preservation, from Monday, will also affect video games, albeit in a very limited way. The news is reported by The Guardian, a British newspaper, which directly quotes the AFP.

As reported online, not all citizens will be affected by this new law that prevents the use of English terms to talk about some aspects related to video games, but only those who work with the public (government staff). Since yesterday, for all those who work in municipalities and other public realities it is substantially mandatory to translate the terms such as pro gamer and streamer into "joueur professionnel" and "joueur-animateur en direct".

The ban on English terms obviously does not concern the conversations of individual citizens, but exclusively publications and law decrees. Any material that comes from a government office or a government controlled reality, such as public transport or museums, will therefore have to translate the various English terms related to video games. A choice that will be seen by the rest of Europe (or the world) very strangely, but for a country like France, which aims to exclude any form of contamination by foreign influences, it has actually been on the agenda for now. many years.

7 Exact Video Game Moments That Made You 'Nope Out' Entirely

When it comes down to it, video games are projects of pure emotion.

From the dreamlike inception through to the blood sweat and tears of so many artists, animators, and developers, right through to the sheer heft of FEELINGS that games can impart on the player, it's a process that can make you into a better person, or change the way you experience the world around you.

And in the case of some games, can make you react with such disgust, panic, or embarrassment that you have to peace out of the game entirely with a big old glob of 'Nope'.

Whatever their end message the games we're talking about today all managed to push their players away from the content they were presented with, and while some were intentional, a few others just gummed up our real lives with abject revulsion. So let's dive in!

There are some moments in gaming that will scare you so much that you'll just peace out of a series for a while, then there are examples that are so downright humbling that they provide a reality check that feels like a hammer to the skull.

And providing today's crushing blow is the one and only Lu Bu from the almighty thumb skin shredder known as the Dynasty Warriors Franchise.

Now imagine the scene, you're one of the forty-odd officers that you can play as in Dynasty Warriors 3 and you think you're the hottest noise since sliced Museo. You've carved your way through enemies like a hot knife through butter and have swabbed the deck with the tears of other generals.

But then it happened.

You come toe to toe with the one and only Lu Bu in the Hu Lao Gate level. Your officers are shown being cut down by this brutal general, his horse is a colour that Drs would term as 'raging STD flavor' and his theme song is slapping your cheeks off. This is the moment where things get real.

Yet it's not the exact 'nope' out moment.

For that comes just a few moments later when you saunter up to give Lu Bu a low blow and realize that upon your first strike that A, his health hasn't gone down at all, B, he's not even reacting to your attacks leading to C, him attacking through your moves and killing you in one or two hits.

This would be enough to never face Lu Bu again and bypass him each and every time you play this level, and you know what? I don't blame you.