Returnal: The PS5 exclusive has been spotted on Steam

Returnal: The PS5 exclusive has been spotted on Steam


It is no surprise that Sony is putting a large portion of its resources into the PC market. With God of War already available and Uncharted 4 in the pipeline, however, there are still many exclusive PS4 and Ps5</a> titles that have to land on Steam and Epic Games Store, but the Valve client may have anticipated the next game arriving on PC , or rather Returnal.

As reported online by Push Square, in fact, a new video game has been found on SteamDB. Uploaded to the Steam database, the new title is called Project Oregon but some elements seem to unequivocally link it back to Returnal. In the game files, still visible to the public at the time of writing, there are references to the game settings and obviously to the modes, as well as to the type of game and some features, such as the female protagonist and so on. All signs that obviously refer to the exclusive Housemarque license plate.| ); }
Returnal debuted last year on PS5. The game proved to be an immediate success with audiences and critics, so much so that it managed to sell many copies despite belonging to a very niche genre. A few months after its release, Housemarque officially became a Sony first party, joining PlayStation Studios. At the moment the development team is working on a new project but we don't know the details yet.

Steam Database Listing Suggests Returnal Is Coming to PC

A game listing for what appears to be Returnal has appeared on Steam's database, suggesting the currently PlayStation 5 exclusive could be the next Sony game to appear on PC.

There isn't an explicit reference to 'Returnal' in the listing, spotted by @Nibellion on Twitter (below), but there are several mentions of names and locations from within the game.

The localisation portion of the listing mentions Atropos, the alien planet where Returnal is set, the Tower of Sisyphus, Returnal's endless mode, and Helios, the ship from which Returnal's protagonist arrives in and respawns from on each new run.

The game is also tagged as a single player third-person shooter with online co-op and lots of exploration in an atmospheric world, is a sci-fi rogue-like, and also features a female protagonist. For those unfamiliar, this describes Returnal pretty much perfectly.

Sony has recently confirmed that it sees expanding to multiple platforms as a key part of its gaming growth strategy, with previous-PlayStation exclusives God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn receiving PC ports in the last couple of years.

It was the developers themselves that pushed for the expansion into PC gaming as God of War's director Cory Barlog revealed in January that he and other studio heads had suggested it several times.

So far, the only PlayStation Studios games to arrive on PC are the aforementioned God of War and Horizon plus Bend Studio's Days Gone and Naughty Dog's Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection.

In our 8/10 review of Returnal, IGN said: 'Its roguelike runs are too long and it needs a way to save in the middle of them, but Returnal's third-person shooter action, clever story, and atmosphere are excellent.'

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