Elden Ring: A cut quest allows you to choose the new Lord of Storm Storm Castle

Elden Ring: A cut quest allows you to choose the new Lord of Storm Storm Castle

Elden Ring

Youtuber and modder Zullie The Witch discovered a new cut Elden Ring quest that would allow players to choose the next Castle Lord Stormrage. Before viewing the video and continuing to read we warn you that from here on there will be spoilers for obvious reasons.

As you probably know, venturing into Grantempesta Castle eventually you will find yourself facing Godrick, Lord of the castle and basically of all the territories of Sepolcride, as well as owner of one of the fragments of the ancestral ring.

The discovery of the modder concerns a quest cut by FromSoftware but still present in the game files that would have been activated after the killing of Godrick, in which the Lightless would have had to choose his successor among three possible candidates , or Kenneth Haight, Nepheli Loux and Gostoc, giving him a crown.

In particular, the quest would have revealed some interesting background on Gostoc, who in a dialogue allegedly claimed to be the son of Godrick, thus partially explaining the grudge against him, and exhorting the Lightless to give him the crown to become the new Lord of Storm Storm Castle.

Unfortunately, the quest has not been completed, so it is impossible to know if the choice would have had significant consequences or not . Likewise, the reasons why FromSoftware decided not to integrate this side quest into Elden Ring are not clear and we will probably never know.

Still on the subject of Elden Ring, another cut-off quest would have allowed the Lightless to collect the dreams of enemies and NPCs in the Interregnum.

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ELDEN RING Reimagined as an Awesome Game Boy-Style Game That Will Be Playable

Elden Ring has taken up any free time that I have. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been engulfed in a video game, but Elden Ring has done that and it’s taking over my life. It’s one of the most difficult games that I’ve ever played, but I’m enjoying the hell out of it!

Anyway, a fan has reimagined the game showing us what it would be like if it were a Game Boy game and it’s pretty dang cool! This game will actually be playable and the video comes from YouTube user shintendo, who says:

I'm making an Elden Ring demake for the Game Boy! It will work on real hardware! I'm using GB Studio 3.0, a really impressive and brand new piece of software to develop this game. I haven't decided on the scope yet, but I am at least hoping to finish Limgrave area by the end of May.

Check out the video below and let us know if this version of Elden Ring is a game you’d be interested in playing.