GTA 6: Clue Hidden in San Andreas DE Confirmed by Another Alleged Insider

GTA 6: Clue Hidden in San Andreas DE Confirmed by Another Alleged Insider


A strange rumor about GTA 6 that had already emerged some time ago, shortly after the release of GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition, is back in vogue, with the alleged confirmation of a self-styled insider that the mysterious photo hidden inside the new version of San Andreas is actually a reference to the new chapter in development.

This story is all related to the conditional, since it looks decidedly strange, but in the undergrowth of various theories and plots that characterize the universe of GTA, is still a particularly fascinating story.

Shortly after the release of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy: The Definitive Edition, someone had noticed, inside the remastered version of GTA: San Andreas's "Lil Probe Inn" coffee shop , a strange photo that was not present in the original, the one visible in the tweet reported below.

This image had sparked theories on the possibility that it could be an easter egg referring to an 'am setting of GTA 6 and later it was also revealed that it is a photo taken from reality, of a real house in Palm Beach, Florida. This would reinforce the idea that GTA 6 could be located in the Miami area, aka Vice City.

In the past few hours, the self-styled insider Matheusvictorbr- reported having received "confirmation" that it is an image really linked to GTA 6, but without providing any additional explanation to this statement. How reliable is this statement? Virtually zero, but if nothing else it's another fascinating story related to the speculations of GTA 6, of which we are greedy, therefore we could not fail to bring it back.

On the other hand, because Rockstar would have inserted the image of that house in the remastered version of GTA: San Andreas if it wasn't present in the original? There is enough to start a new theory.

Meanwhile, the only information we have about GTA 6 is that it "exists", basically, as Rockstar Games has officially announced its development , but showing absolutely nothing so far.

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Leaked GTA 6 image “confirmed” after being found in San Andreas Definitive Edition

GTA fans may have actually seen the very first-ever image of Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 without even realizing it if a source is to be believed.

Way back in November 2021, the first rumored photo of the much-anticipated GTA 6 was first exposed to the world. At this point, the game was yet to be officially unveiled by Rockstar and there was understandably a hint of skepticism in the air.

However, a dedicated GTA Twitter page may have alleviated some of those doubts by suggesting that the photo in question is actually the first confirmed photo of the game.

Many people and social media pages commit to reporting and providing the latest scoops on the work of a developer and @Matheusbr9895_ falls into this category.

They monitor all things connected to Rockstar Games’ work and in a new Tweet have revealed that the mysterious GTA 6 picture is not a leak.

Translated, they said: “After a few months. I have been confirmed that this image is from the next title of the Grand Theft Auto series. The location in [the] game, is inspired near the American suburb, in the vicinity of Hollywood – Florida. Perfection!”

The picture first appeared in the much-maligned Grand Theft Auto: Definitive Edition – The Trilogy and deductive GTA fans were quickly able to find the house that bore a striking resemblance to it.

Despite being an account linked to the delivery of all things Rockstar news, and obviously, GTA 6 moving forward, a few replies were hesitant to believe this image was from GTA 6.

“No. This is 100% [a] L.A Noire house. Like the same of the DLC Galvanoplastie Nicholson,” said one user, but this was theory was also questioned. Someone else said: “It’s not, no way lmao,” indicating that the leaked image isn’t hinting at GTA 6.

At the end of the day, until this screenshot is released as official artwork or appears in a trailer for the game, this will all have to remain speculation for now.