Elden Ring for PC: a mod adds photo mode and removes chromatic aberration

Elden Ring for PC: a mod adds photo mode and removes chromatic aberration

Elden Ring for PC

Elden Ring has only been available for a week but the modders have already got to work. For example, user Otis_Inf recently released a mod that introduces an unofficial photo mode to the game, allowing you to take screenshots while admiring glimpses from the Interregnum or during a boss fight.

The mod it works in all respects like the photo modes seen in many games, with some obvious limitations due to its amateur nature, such as the absence of filters, but the options are not lacking. Once activated, it is possible to pause the game, move and rotate the camera at will, control the direction of the sun's rays, make enemies and the HUD invisible, change the FOV and more.

Elden Ring, a promotional artwork Furthermore, another interesting aspect of the mod is that, if desired, it disables the effects of the chromatic aberration of Elden Ring, which not everyone particularly appreciates. If you are interested you can download it from this address. The advice as usual and not to activate it if you play online, as the anti-cheat system could ban you.

Staying on the subject, have you seen the madness of the Elden Ring Thai commercial that is conquering social networks?

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Elden Ring Has a Pro Photo Mode on PC, Thanks to a Modder

Elden Ring gets an unofficial Photo Mode on PC, allowing players to capture screenshots from any angle and the ability to remove Chromatic Aberration.

Probably Elden Ring’s biggest loss is the lack of a professional Photo Mode. There are so many beautiful locations in the Lands Between that players would love to spend some time capturing mesmerizing shots, but a lack of photo mode just negates this joy.

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  • Hopefully, PC players are able to overcome this challenge as modders have already started working on various Photo Mode mods. And one of them is already available with some amazing options!

    Elden Ring | Live Action Trailer



    Elden Ring | Live Action Trailer






    Otis_Inf is the modder behind this Photo Mode for Elden Ring. Using this mod, you can pause the game, unlimitedly move the camera and its angle, remove Chromatic Aberration, increase the Level of Details, and even change the direction of sunlight.

    This is the ultimate package for you to capture some amazing screenshots from the Lands Between in Elden Ring.

    Hopefully, the mod is available for free, but keep in mind that Elden Ring doesn’t have official mod support and it features an Anti-Cheat. So, if you are going to use this mod, make sure you’re playing offline. Whenever you decided to go online in the game, remove the mod files and run the vanilla version of the game.

    This is necessary as some anti-cheat software detects some mods as cheats, which could end up banning you from the game.

    You can download this mod from here, and if you like, you can support the modder on Patreon as well.

    Elden Ring is now available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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