Can-am announces a new line of electric motorcycles

Can-am announces a new line of electric motorcycles

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the brand, the Canadian company Can-am has presented an entire lineup of electric motorcycles that will soon arrive on the market with two different models. The history of Can-am dates back to the 70s, when the company began to make high-performance motorcycles designed for off-roading, obtaining many victories in official competitions until 1987 when BRP, the parent company, stopped the production of motorcycles. .

In the early 2000s Can-am made itself known on the market, bringing ATV models and the Can-am Spyder, a special 3-wheeled vehicle, to the dealerships, but this time the return to vogue of Can -am promises to be much more in line with the original 1970s philosophy, based on two wheels, possibly tessellated.

To present the new lineup, Can-am has released a teaser of just over 50 seconds in which it announces the new generation of electric motorcycles: in the last shot we can see 4 models, of which relatively imminent - we are talking about 2024 - while the darkest one of all you can imagine that it will be presented in a few years, when even the technology de electric motorcycles will have evolved sufficiently.

At the moment there is no technical information on the designed motorcycles, but Can-am has defined them very clearly: “motorcyclists can expect new electric motorcycles of the highest quality, Can-am motorcycles will be perfect for daily commuting, and also to travel for pleasure both on the road and away from the asphalt. "

The model shown in the teaser appears to be a naked characterized by a single-sided rear swingarm, a large display and an apparently single-seater saddle; we will have to wait at least a few more months before we have more information, considering that the first release on the market is expected in the middle of 2024.