FIFA: Ditching the name is a risk, but EA Sports FC can do it, for an analyst

FIFA: Ditching the name is a risk, but EA Sports FC can do it, for an analyst


The idea is strengthening that EA is considering abandoning the FIFA name for its famous football simulation series, which according to some rumors could begin to be called EA Sports FC for the next editions: the well-known analyst Piers Harding-Rolls claims that such a move can be risky, but it could have little impact on the actual success of the game.

The exclusive relationship between EA and FIFA has long since cracked, which could push the American publisher to abandon the brand altogether in the next future. According to what has been reported in recent months, it seems that EA's management sees the use of the word FIFA more as a limitation than a strength, probably given the high management costs and agreements to be signed, therefore it is possible that the series changes title in the near future.

Although there are those who claim that FIFA 23 will not change its name, according to Jeff Grubb and others the series could be called EA Sports Football Club in the near future, or EA Sports FC. When asked by, market analyst Piers Harding-Rolls, of Ampere Analysis, explained that "abandoning the FIFA branding is a risky move from a commercial point of view, but it also opens up new opportunities for EA".
The biggest risk is obviously the loss of visibility of the brand, especially for the more casual and less attentive users of the market, who risk not understanding precisely that the game has changed its name or in any case not notice the arrival of the new one. soccer game with different name.

However, the opportunity is provided by being able to invest some of the money saved to offset exposure and in other industries: "I expect EA to shift some of the license savings to spend on more advertising , perhaps with partners in the football industry, in order to compensate for the possible drop in visibility ".

Another risk is that another game could adopt the FIFA denomination in the title, which could attract a large number of users, and this is not very predictable at the moment. In any case, other opportunities are given by greater flexibility for EA, which can invest and exploit the new name in a different way even in eSports fields, for example.

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Fifa did not propose biennial World Cup, says Gianni Infantino

Gianni InfantinoInfantino made his comments at the Fifa congress in Doha in the build-up to Friday's World Cup draw

Fifa president Gianni Infantino says world football's governing body has not proposed staging the World Cup every two years but has only explored the feasibility of such a change.

The concept has faced criticism from federations, leagues and players, though the Confederation of African Football has given its backing.

Infantino previously said those against the move were 'afraid' of change.

'Fifa has not proposed a biennial World Cup,' Infantino said.

Infantino, speaking in Doha before Friday's 2022 World Cup draw, added: 'Let's get the process clear here - the last Fifa congress asked the Fifa administration ... to start a feasibility study into holding the World Cup every two years.

'The Fifa administration under the leadership of Arsene Wenger did exactly that. Fifa did not propose anything, but came to the conclusion that it is feasible, that it would have some repercussions and impact.

'We found it would be feasible and even positive for a big part of the world, but there is of course also big opposition to it and that is where the discussion has to start.'

Former Arsenal manager Wenger has been promoting the merits of a biennial World Cup as part of his role as Fifa's head of global development.

Feasibility studies suggested member nations would earn an additional $19m (£14.5m) every four years, while Infantino has spoken of the impact a more frequent World Cup would have on participation in the sport.

European football's governing body Uefa, as well as South American governing body Conmebol have voiced opposition to the idea, while the International Olympic Committee fears a biennial World Cup would take attention away from other sports.

'We are looking at all options,' Infantino added. 'We will take the time it takes with the utmost understanding of all positions.'

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