Where the green pass is needed from April 1st

Where the green pass is needed from April 1st

From Friday 1 April the rules on the green pass change and certification becomes less and less necessary to access activities and services. It will no longer be required to enter public offices or get on local public transport, while it will still remain in force until April 30, only in its basic form, to access workplaces and to enter school. So let's see in detail where the green pass will continue to serve us and where it won't.

How to retrieve the green pass on the Immuni app after the latest update Numerous users have reported that they can no longer find their green pass on Immuni. The certificate has not been canceled, but only moved to another section with the latest update Read the article Work From April 1st, people over 50 years old - who are not workers in the health sector, of the order and the army - they will no longer have to present the reinforced green pass to access the workplace. It will remain mandatory to present the basic certification, obtainable with a simple anti Covid-19 swab, until June 15. After that the green pass will no longer be required in any form.

Starting from May 1st, the vaccination obligation will remain in force only for workers in the health professions and, until June 15th, also for the whole school staff.

Activities and services No certificate will be required anymore to go to the hairdresser, public offices, banks, post offices, shops, museums, spas and cultural centers, to consume outdoors in bars and restaurants, to get on local public transport or do outdoor sports.

The basic green pass will still be necessary, until April 30, to consume indoors in canteens, bars or restaurants, participate in public competitions and sporting events, use long-distance transport and access hotels . While the reinforced green pass will still be required to go to the gym or swimming pool, attend conferences or go to the disco and, until 31 December, it will remain mandatory to visit relatives or acquaintances hospitalized in health residences and hospital wards.

School At school the basic green pass will be requested until April 30th, after which it will no longer be necessary. While for the staff the vaccination obligation remains until June 15, 2022, for which teachers and assistants will still have to have the reinforced green pass.