Rainbow Six Siege Mobile will be announced in April by Ubisoft, for Tom Henderson

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile will be announced in April by Ubisoft, for Tom Henderson

Rainbow Six Siege Mobile will be announced in April by Ubisoft

Ubisoft next month will officially announce Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Mobile, the iOS and Android version of the famous multiplayer shooter, according to an eXputer report made by Tom Henderson. To be precise, according to the insider, the official reveal is set for April 6, 2022.

Henderson says that Rainbow Six Siege Mobile was made in collaboration with WeGame (Tencent) and that the official announcement will be followed by gameplay trailer and media coverage from various outlets.

Rainbow Six Siege, promotional image Rumors about a paperback version of Rainbow Six Siege started circulating last year when Ubisoft sent out surveys to mobile gamers asking how familiar they were with the Rainbow Six Siege brand. Furthermore, another clue emerged yesterday from the financial data shared by Tencent which spoke of "projects with Ubisoft" in the timeline for 2023, which could therefore be the release period of the game.

One of the sources of Henderson enthusiastically described Rainbow Six Siege Mobile, stating that it will be "huge for the mobile market" and that "it will be a game that Siege fans will love". Apparently it seems that Tencent will also make mobile games from The Division and Assassin's Creed brands.

For more details, we will have to wait until April 6, the date set for the official reveal of Rainbow Six Siege Mobile. Provided that Tom Henderson's tip is correct, which is far from obvious, although deep throat has proved to be a reliable source in the past.

Tom Henderson in another report states that DICE has work started on the next Battlefield and that the studio has learned from past mistakes.

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Rainbow Six, Assassin's Creed, And The Division Mobile Games Are Coming - Report

Ubisoft is developing a Rainbow Six mobile game, according to a report from Tom Henderson for Exputer. This will be Rainbow Six Siege Mobile, the report said, and it's apparently in development at Ubisoft in collaboration with Tencent's WeGame. Mobile games based on Assassin's Creed and The Division are also reportedly in the works, though less information is known about these rumored projects.

The existence of a Tencent game with Ubisoft is no surprise, as Tencent said during its latest earnings report this week that it was working with Ubisoft on multiple new projects. The first of these is expected to launch in 2023.

The Exputer report said the Rainbow Six Siege mobile game will be revealed on April 6. GameSpot will report back with more details as they come to light.

Rainbow Six would be just the latest major franchise to make the jump to mobile, as Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden, Apex Legends, and many others have done before. It's no surprise, as mobile is bigger and more lucrative than the console/PC space. Looking ahead, Rockstar is launching a mobile edition of GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition later this year.

The report went on to say that Tencent will also help Ubisoft bring Assassin's Creed and The Division to mobile through their own new games, which tracks with Tencent's public disclosure that it is working with Ubisoft on multiple titles going forward. No details about these rumored projects are available.

Rainbow Six Siege has been one of Ubisoft's biggest success stories in recent years. After debuting in 2015 to a mixed reaction, the game has been consistently and impressively supported over the years, and it now has more than 70 million players. GameSpot scored the game a rare 10/10 in our Rainbow Six Siege review.

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