Gotham Knights: Anna Lore will play the role of Stephanie Brown

Gotham Knights: Anna Lore will play the role of Stephanie Brown

Gotham Knights

The cast of Gotham Knights, a TV series in the works at the CW network and based on the DC comics, continues to take shape. In the past, it has been announced that Anna Lore will take on the role of Stephanie Brown, one of the iconic members of the Bat-Family and daughter of the supervillain Arthur Brown.

Anna Lore will play the role of Stephanie Brown

This is the description of her character: Equipped with a sarcasm equal only to her intellect, Stephanie grew up based on puzzles and puzzles. She has honed her skills to become a terrific coder. But his greatest talent may be hiding a less than perfect home life.

We know that in the wake of his father's murder, the boy will forge an unlikely alliance with the children of the Batman's enemies. This group of young people will soon be framed for killing the Caped Crusader. As the city's most wanted criminals, this gang of renegade misfits will have to fight to clear their name.

But in a Gotham without the Dark Knight to protect it, the city will become more dangerous than it has ever been. Hope, however, comes from the most unexpected places: this team of fugitives will in fact become the next generation of saviors, known as Gotham Knights.

The pilot of the show will be shot next month in Toronto. Should the CW decide to give the green light to a full season, Gotham Knights will most likely be part of the 2022-2023 programming calendar.

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Spoiler alert: Anna Lore is playing Stephanie Brown on The CW’s Gotham Knights

[The following contains information on a Spoiler casting for The CW’s Gotham Knights series.]

Back in December, The CW announced that it was developing a pilot called Gotham Knights, which would be a TV series from producer Greg Berlanti about Bruce Wayne’s adopted son working with the children of Batman villains to try and figure out who murdered the Dark Knight. In addition to Berlanti, the project comes from Batwoman writers Natalie Abrams, James Stoteraux, and Chad Fiveash (meaning they have some experience with a show about Batman that is also not about Batman at all).

In one bonus confusing detail, though, Gotham Knights is not related to Batwoman (and therefore disconnected from the larger Arrowverse/Beeboverse) and is also not related to the upcoming Gotham Knights video game (which is also about the Bat-family trying to figure out who murdered the Dark Knight).

Now, the network has made its first casting announcement for the pilot, but it’s a bit of a Spoiler to say much else… so consider this another Spoiler warning, because we’re going to be talking about Spoiler here—as in Stephanie Brown, a.k.a. Spoiler, a comic book character who was previously a Robin and a Batgirl before putting on a purple hood and coming up with a superhero name of her own.

Anna Lore, who previously appeared on The CW’s All American, will be playing Stephanie Brown in the Gotham Knights pilot, though this Variety story about the news doesn’t specifically say if she’ll be operating under the Spoiler name in the series. What it does say is that she has a penchant for sarcasm that is “matched only by her intellect” and that she was “raised on a steady diet of brain teasers and puzzles.” She also has a “less-than-perfect home life,” alluding to the fact that—spoiler alert, har har har—her father is a D-tier Batman villain known as the Cluemaster. His gimmick is that he commits crimes and… leaves clues behind. But the clues are not jokes or riddles, they’re just clues. You can see why he’s D-tier, right?

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