Kojima moves, the current studio could not contain the great ambitions of the team

Kojima moves, the current studio could not contain the great ambitions of the team

Kojima moves

If it will be Xbox or PlayStation we will perhaps find out soon, but the latest public movements of Hideo Kojima bode well, at least as regards the ambitions of the team. In fact, during the day today, the game designer has published a series of very particular photos, which portray the move of his software house.

Founded in 2015, Kojima Productions is now changing its headquarters. The announcement was made by the game designer and founder himself, through a post launched on Twitter, the social network on which he is very active, almost on a par with Instagram. "Today is the day we bid farewell to the entrance, to Ludens' corridor and to the kitchen. Let's say goodbye to what has been our home for over 5 years ", reads the tweet launched in the last few hours.

Today is the day we say goodbye to the entrance, the Ludens hallway, and the kitchen that have been our home for a little over five years. Many memories come to mind. Farewell pic.twitter.com/TONnpq7JXa


At the moment of the unpublished project by Hideo Kojima practically nothing is known. However, some rumors would like him alongside Xbox to launch a new game, perhaps able to take advantage of the cloud. Obviously these are just rumors and it is absolutely not certain that the game designer is working for a Microsoft exclusive. Only time will obviously be able to answer this question. Keep following geekinco for all the news and announcements in the pipeline from the world of video games.

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Hideo Kojima teases new project and we can’t tell if it’s a game or a movie

Look at those cheeky eyes, he knows what he’s doing (pic: Hideo Kojima) © Provided by Metro Look at those cheeky eyes, he knows what he’s doing (pic: Hideo Kojima)

The true nature of Hideo Kojima’s next project is still unknown, but new behind the scenes shots could point to it being not a game.

While Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima has most definitely started working on something, he’s been keeping mum about it for almost two years now.

Since he’s not shy about sharing behind the scenes work on his Twitter account, fans have been carefully examining what little he’s shown for a hint as to what he’s planning next.

Earlier today, he posted a handful of pictures featuring himself and colleagues with some heavy duty looking filming equipment, out and about in Japan, with only the caption ‘Off-board activities in progress.’

This includes a film clapper with ‘Shinjuku’ written on it, so it’s safe to assume that whatever he’s filming, it’s in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo, not Shinagawa where Kojima Productions is based.

The clapper also has two other names besides Kojima’s: Glen Milner and Erwan Cloarec. Judging by a Google search, the former is a filmmaker specialising in documentaries and the latter is a director of photography who has mostly worked on commercials and music videos.

Assuming these are the same people, and given their credentials, this could point to Kojima branching out of video games. As a reminder, he announced last year that Kojima Productions had launched a film, TV, and music division.

These pictures come a couple of weeks after he posted another set of behind the scenes photos of filming being done in a motion capture studio and him writing on a whiteboard.

The whiteboard in particular has captured his followers’ attention, with it appearing to depict a film timeline and drawings of a knife and a gun, perhaps for an action scene.

This being Kojima, it’s near impossible to guess what he’s making, although we may have some idea. Last year, actor Norman Reedus basically confirmed that a sequel to Death Stranding (in which he played the main character) is on the cards.

It’s also been rumoured that Kojima’s partnering with Xbox to use its cloud technology for a new game, although it seems unlikely that would be Death Stranding 2 – considering the original is a PlayStation and PC exclusive.

There were also rumours of him teaming with Konami again for a new Silent Hill project, but that seems incredibly unlikely considering their prior history and his less than amicable departure from the company.

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