Fortnite: youtuber sues the game, here's why

Fortnite: youtuber sues the game, here's why


Fortnite has recently been under everyone's eye for various reasons, both from the gameplay side, after the new mode that excludes construction, and for the humanitarian one, thanks to which it has raised tens of millions of dollars in favor of Ukraine to help war victims. It seems, however, that someone has decided to move the focus elsewhere, going to sue the flagship product of Epic Games; let's find out what happened.

The lawsuit was inflicted by youtuber and choreographer Kyle Hanagami, who uses his platform on the tube mainly to publish videos of various performances, and others types of content. Hanagami himself has recently filed a complaint with Epic Games due to a ballet present within Fortnite from 2020, accusing the company of having plagiarized his choreography which, among other things, according to the author is protected by copyright. . The man's request to Epic Games is to remove the emote from Fortnite, along with providing compensation for plagiarism.

It is certainly not the first time that Fortnite has been sued for such reasons, and most likely it will not be the last. In recent months, however, Epic Games has been experiencing major problems, which have led the game to be banned from mobile stores.

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Fortnite Update Nerfs Several Weapons, Removes Features from Competitive

Fortnite received a hotfix on Wednesday which included nerfs for several weapons as well as a big change for the game's Titan tanks. Four different weapons – the Combat SMG, Stinger SMG, MK7 Assault Rifle, and Combat Assault Rifle – were all nerfed to various degrees across all of the game's playlists. The tanks players can hop into were also nerfed in a way since they've now been removed entirely from the Competitive playlist, a change which many players had been asking for since the start of the new season.

The hotfix released this week contained only nerfs, so don't expect to see any of your favorite weapons any stronger now that the update's out. Things like damage to players, damage to structures, and headshot damage were nerfed depending on which weapon was receiving the changes. The MK7 and Combat Assault Rifle nerfs are preemptive ones ahead of the Donation Board voting process which will see one of them added back to the game, Epic Games said.

The brief patch notes for the update can be seen below:

Fortnite Hotfix March 30th

  • Combat and Stinger SMG damage to players and structures reduced
  • Combat SMG headshot damage reduced to match the Stinger
  • MK7 and Combat AR damage to players and structures reduced ahead of Donation Board voting
  • After that tweet went out from the Fortnite Status Twitter account, the Fortnite Competitive account which deals only with the game's Competitive playlists clarified that Titans had also been removed from the Competitive modes.

    Following these changes, people have looked into the nerfs in an attempt to see what exactly changed since Epic Games' tweet about the nerfs included details but not specific values. Those damage nerfs are detailed online now, though the numbers have not been confirmed by Epic Games at this time. It's also been said that the IO Patrol has been disabled in the Competitive playlists as well, likely in an effort to remove more random variables and to focus on the PvP aspects of those playlists.

    These changes come after Epic Games made it so that the game's no-build mode – called 'Zero Build' now – would be sticking around for the time being. It should also be little surprise that there are now rumors out there suggesting a Moon Knight skin may be coming to Fortnite as a tie-in to the new Marvel show.