RetroArch updates and improves emulation on Steam Deck

RetroArch updates and improves emulation on Steam Deck

An update for RetroArch further improves emulation on the Steam Deck thanks to some important usability improvements, such as a more efficient way to manage the emulation cores installed on the Steam version and the ability to use the on-screen keyboard.

"We have created a layer that allows RetroArch Steam to interface with the Steamworks API".

The developers explain in a blog post, stating that:

"Mist, our middleware tool, runs in a separate process, concurrently with RetroArch Steam and acts as a bridge between this separate process interfacing with Steamworks and the GPL application itself running in a completely different process. ”

Con the implementation of this back-end technology, it is now possible to manage the emulator cores directly from the RetroArch user interface, even in the Steam version. Due to Valve's limitations, it was previously impossible to install or uninstall cores through the Steam DLC interface, while now, by always redeeming the cores as DLC, you can install or uninstall them directly within RetroArch.

As for the news coming directly from Valve, the company announced in a post on the official Steam page the addition of a new feature to allow users to provide feedback on the Steam Deck. The company wants to know the experience of the players with the verified titles, in order to ensure that they are functioning correctly. In the post, Valve specifies that the purpose is not necessarily to change compatibility, but rather to verify whether or not the system works according to both Valve's and users' expectations. You can learn more about the news in our dedicated article.