Tesla aims to produce 20 million cars per year by 2030

Tesla aims to produce 20 million cars per year by 2030

Tesla has every intention of maintaining and consolidating its dominant position on the world market of electric cars, and judging by the statements of the founder and CEO of the company, the ambitions for the next few years have grown out of all proportion; Tesla is in fact building several factories around the world and plans to build even more, to the point of being able to produce 20 million electric cars a year by 2030.

Today the company operates in 16 different factories all over the world, all busy assembling cars or producing necessary parts: recently, for example, Tesla delivered the first Tesla Model Y produced in the new Gigafactory built in Germany, just outside Berlin.

“I think producing 20 million of cars per year is an ambitious goal, but not impossible. Furthermore, it would be a very good number because there are about 2 billion cars in use in the world, so 20 million would be 1% of the global fleet that becomes electric every year. "

In addition, Tesla plans to expand its catalog of offers, which to date is unable to attack all market segments; Musk is aware of this problem but is also aware of the logistical problems that have prevented Tesla's further growth. First of all it will be necessary to optimize production, satisfy the market demand - which today is very high - and only then will there be the possibility to expand to other markets and create new models.

The new Gigafactory in Germany aims to produce 500,000 cars per year by 2025: in 2022 it should produce about 54,000 vehicles, in 2023 at least 280,000 and then continue to increase in the following years.