Battlefield 2042: Avalanche of new content coming, that's when

Battlefield 2042: Avalanche of new content coming, that's when

Battlefield 2042

It is undeniable that in recent years a series of great triple A titles have come out that are not really well received by the public. Many of these brought with them a number of issues that put development teams in the position of having to remedy with a handful of updates. The most striking cases are certainly those of Cyberpunk 2077 and the more recent Battlefield 2042, both projects that are getting better over time.

Over the last few months we have already been able to witness a whole series of updates and corrective patches for Battlefield 2042. Now, with a post posted on the EA forum, the guys at DICE have confirmed some information on the next major FPS update. “The next update in April will be a major one and we are currently working on hundreds of changes. These are mainly bug fixes, but we are also looking to make further changes, for example to vehicle balance and current behavior of weapon attachments, ”said DICE.

We just have to wait for more official information from DICE and Electronic Arts, hoping that this big update coming will bring the community back to populating the latest Battlefield 2042.

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Next Battlefield 2042 Update Has “A Few Hundred Changes”

Battlefield 2042 is all set to receive “a few hundred changes” with its next update that will address a mountain of pressing issues.

Taking to the official forums earlier today, community manager Straatford87 confirmed that developer DICE will be rolling out a gigantic update next month as promised. Battlefield 2042 will receive a ton of bug fixes alongside a large set of balance changes to weapons and vehicles as well as weapon attachments.

The upcoming April update will also finally introduce voice chat for squads and contain the End-of-Round Scoreboard functionality in the game. There are likely a lot more changes inbound that will all be revealed in the coming weeks.

The lengthy patch notes are being compiled at the time of writing. Hence, players can expect DICE to detail the upcoming update soon enough.

Battlefield 2042 received update 3.3 a few weeks back that refreshed the in-game scoreboard by splitting both teams and displaying the deaths of each player, something that was missing before.

The match overview window was improved as well for added clarity and shifted to the left side of the refreshed scoreboard. It retains match-specific information from before such as objective progression and ticket counters alongside the current in-game latency.

Battlefield 2042 is yet to receive its first wave of new content. DICE decided to delay the first season to summer in order to gain time to improve the state of the game. The upcoming April update will be part of that goal.

Elsewhere, DICE has reportedly begun working on a new Battlefield game that will be making use of “valuable lessons” learned from Battlefield 2042. The new game will “be reverting a lot of the changes made in Battlefield 2042” that could be related to specialists, the increased number of 128 players per match, and the community-dubbed walking simulator map designs.