Steam Next Fest returns in June 2022 with hundreds of demos

Steam Next Fest returns in June 2022 with hundreds of demos

Valve has announced that the Steam Next Fest will return in June 2022. This is not surprising news, given the enormous success of past editions, but it's nice to know that between 13 and 20 June PC players will be able to try out a large amount of demos and see the developers play their titles, commenting on them. live, all through the Valve platform. After all, it's a good party for the whole video game. Let's read the event announcement:

We announce the Steam Next Fest, a multi-day celebration of upcoming games. Explore and play hundreds of demos, watch developer broadcasts, and chat with teams about their developing games. Soon on Steam.

Don't miss out! The Next Fest will take place between June 13-20, 2022 at 7pm. Sign up here to receive a reminder when the Steam Next Fest begins on June 13. Soon!

By going to the official announcement page, you can also set a reminder to be notified of the start of the event.

Note that the days of the event seem to have been placed in the period where E3 usually takes place, which this year does not yet have official dates. In reality it is not even clear if it will take place, as it has again been announced as a virtual event, but as of today, details are completely missing. We'll be back with the Steam demos.

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