AstroWired - 2001: A Space Odyssey. The prophetic vision of the cosmic journey

AstroWired - 2001: A Space Odyssey. The prophetic vision of the cosmic journey

AstroWired - 2001

There is an anecdote that is told about the set of Spartacus, the blockbuster that consecrated Stanley Kubrick: in a nocturnal scene, Spartacus and Antoninus are waiting for the crucifixion. In the background you can see a line of hundreds of meters of newly crucified slaves. Kubrick, at that time the youngest director in history to direct such a high-budget film, had demanded that stuntmen and extras be used, in order to make their death moans audible during the dialogue scene.

“Spartacus, what is the meaning of life? "Asks Antonino, the poet played by Tony Curtis.

" Life is not a bowl of cherries ", replies pious and paternal Spartacus.

" Stop! " . Kubrick stops filming, is furious. Which in his case means, without getting even a little upset, taking the trouble to address the assistant director, Marshall Greene. "On the side of the cherries it is assumed that the man on the third cross on the left writhes; he didn't move! ”he exclaims looking at the extra.

The scene repeats itself. And Greene begins to walk up and down the hill to communicate Kubrick's diktat to the extras. Halfway there, he realizes that Kubrick is referring to dummies. He comes back and tells her. Again he does not get any disrupted reaction from Kubrick, who however approaches him and whispers in his ear: "Attach some wires and make sure it squirms".

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Evening StandardAccording to other testimonies, it all happened in broad daylight, when Kubrick had asked to number every single appearance, of the three hundred summoned, to give precise instructions to each of them. He seems to be angry with the number 104. A mannequin, in fact.

The details are of little importance, however. What the anecdote tells better than many words is Stanley Kubrick's rigor: an almost maniacal necessity in the composition of the staging, in the control of every element, which grew film after film.

Think about how it could be the approach of such a director - a director for whom cinema had to be perfect, or not to be - to a genre, science fiction, which tells what it is not, what cannot yet be. It is not surprising that the result was 2001: a space odyssey, one of the acclaimed masterpieces of science fiction cinema, perhaps the masterpiece of the genre (and not only that).

From the rigor of a master of the Seventh art to The eighth episode of AstroWired, the podcast on the relationship between science fiction and space, the real one, moves to infinity (and beyond). Between scientific reliability, visions and concrete perspectives of our journey beyond the atmosphere, the eighth episode of the podcast hosts Adrian Fartade, writer, science writer and owner of the youtube channel, Link4Universe. Emilio Cozzi in the studio, Giulia Rocco in production, Luca Zorloni in coordination.

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ASTROWORLD UPDATE: VICTIM LAWSUITS TO RESUME AFTER THREE MONTH DELAYDespite Live Nation and Defendants Meddling, Case Returned to Harris County After Texas Supreme Court Intervention

PR Newswire

HOUSTON, Feb. 15, 2022

HOUSTON, Feb. 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- On Tuesday, December 7th, the Board of Judges of the Civil Trial Division of the Harris County District Courts met and determined to consolidate all the past filed and any future filed Astroworld lawsuits to one Judge – Kristen Hawkins of the 11th District Court – for further handling.

That ruling, hailed as a positive step toward justice for the Astroworld victims, was quickly overruled later the same evening by the Texas Supreme Court, which was petitioned by defendant Live Nation to stay the cases and have them consolidated through the State Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation.

Yesterday, February 14, 2022, that panel reached its decision: to return the cases to Judge Hawkins in Harris County. With that ruling, the stay has been lifted and the consolidate case will move forward into discovery. 

'I'm eager to resume our work on behalf of the victims of this tragedy,' said prominent trial attorney Brent Coon, who represents more than 1,500 Astroworld plaintiffs. 'But at the same time, I'm dismayed that Live Nation and its fellow defendants were able to delay this process for three months, just to have the case returned to the very judge it was assigned to originally. The State Judicial Panel on Multi-District Litigation's decision is validation that Live Nation's true motivation was never about finding the right venue. It was about delaying justice.'

Brent Coon and Associates was the first and only plaintiffs' firm to file a motion with the Texas Supreme Court to have the stay rescinded when it was first placed. The firm was also the only to oppose the defendants' suggestion of shifting the case to another judge.

 'Make no mistake: a delay only benefits the corporate defendants who are hoping that evidence will be lost, memories will fade, and victims will begin accepting small compensations – like covering the cost of tickets – offered by the defendants in exchange for dropping their legal claims,' added Coon. 'But we fought for our plaintiffs' rights and ultimately ended up on the right side of the decision. Finally, we can begin to understand the failures that led to the Astroworld tragedy and get these plaintiffs the justice they deserve.'

About Brent Coon & AssociatesFounded in 2001 by Brent Coon, Coon & Associates specializes in complex, multi-party trial law. With offices and legal associations throughout Texas and the nation, Brent Coon & Associates has won hundreds of major jury awards and settlements against industry leaders in the petrochemical, transportation, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries.  As a triple board-certified trial specialist, Coon is also designated counsel to numerous unions, including the United Steel Workers, BMWED, TMPA and others, and has received almost every accolade for demonstrating superior legal and technical skills in the judicial arena.


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