Toyota introduces an electric scooter with three wheels

Toyota introduces an electric scooter with three wheels

The car manufacturer Toyota presented an innovative vehicle called "C + walk T". On sale already today on some markets but currently not usable on roads open to the public.

We are talking about a particular vehicle that has three wheels that make it easier to drive. Not surprisingly, the company has decided to implement a third wheel making the vehicle suitable for people who have difficulty walking: Toyota has decided to design the vehicle for those with walking problems, including the elderly. In detail, the compact vehicle has a large platform 150 mm high from the ground, a height that makes getting on and off easier. However, to ensure maximum safety it is equipped with an obstacle detection system.

A compact vehicle which, as declared by the manufacturer, can be used for travel within airports up to boarding and for transporting people during park tours.

The manufacturing company has designed the vehicle making it extremely compact and easy to use. According to what is widespread, the vehicle can go between 2 and 6 kilometers per hour, reaching 10 km / h in case of expert users; while the autonomy reaches up to 14km / h. It takes 2 and a half hours to recharge it from a normal power outlet, with the possibility of removing the battery.

The vehicle is available both for purchase at Toyota dealerships in Japan and for rental. Toyota also said that seat and wheelchair versions are being studied for those with physical problems.