Tesla fires don't worry NHTSA, petition rejected

Tesla fires don't worry NHTSA, petition rejected

Tesla fires don't worry NHTSA

The NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administation returns to be talked about once again, after receiving a petition from a large group of consumers asking for an investigation into Tesla and its over-the-air software updates. .

The petition, presented in 2019, claims that the software updates released by Tesla via the OTA system would reduce the battery life, as a response to the fires triggered by some Tesla batteries around the world: the incidents in question would have occurred in China, following the use of one of Tesla's Superchargers, while in the United States there would have been no cases.

3 other cases of fires were reported in the documentation attached to the petition, but according to the investigations carried out by the NHTSA, none of these fires would have started in the car battery, and none of these would be connected in any way to the charging system rapid.

After making these analyzes, the NHTSA has decided not to open a formal investigation into Tesla and these sporadic episodes; considering the available data, it can be said that cases of Tesla fires not caused by impacts are extremely rare.

NHTSA claimed to have scrupulously checked the documentation attached to the 2019 petition, and would also have consulted Tesla itself on the matter, to obtain the real data collected from the vehicles involved in the rare fire incidents, but once again the American body was faced with data that were not deemed sufficient to open an investigation: none of the reported cases took place on American soil, and from May 2019 to date there have been no more accidents of this type, for which the agency considered the presence of a technical defect unlikely that could compromise the safety of the car, its occupants and the rest of road users.

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