Some Alder Lake mobile CPUs will have an advanced integrated GPU

Some Alder Lake mobile CPUs will have an advanced integrated GPU

Intel provided an in-depth analysis of Alder Lake at the Architecture Day 2021 event. However, the manufacturer has not talked about the integrated GPUs that will accompany the new chip line. The well-known leaker Komachi_Ensaka has unearthed a new coreboot patch that gives us a small preview of the integrated GPUs within Alder Lake's mobile models.

It is important to note that Alder Lake-M is not the best performing mobile chip from the Intel range. A previous coreboot update reportedly showed Intel could segment Alder Lake into four categories. Alder Lake-M is the less performing, with a TDP of 9W and a maximum configuration with two high-performance cores (Golden Cove) and eight high-efficiency (Gracemont).

For Alder Lake, Intel has brought the Gen12 Xe LP GPU from Tiger Lake to the new Intel 7 process. According to the latest coreboot code, the company could only use the GT1 unit for Alder Lake-S desktop processors, which has 32 Execution Units (EU) , which are now called the Vector Engine. Alder Lake-M, however, could use up to three different integrated GPU solutions, depending on the processor model.

Credit: Intel The new coreboot refers to the GT1, GT2 and GT3 units. We already know that the GT1 is equipped with 32 EUs, which means that the GT2 and GT3 units should have 96 EUs. The reason Alder Lake desktop processors will only have the GT1 drive is due to the high likelihood that users will be using dedicated graphics cards. Mentions of GT3 in the coreboot could signal the return of Intel Iris, which is basically the high-end version of the regular HD series. However, this is different from the Iris Pro or Iris Plus variants: remember that Intel historically referred to Iris Pro and Iris Plus graphics as GT3e.

Intel will launch Alder Lake this fall. However, the company has not specified whether it will make the desktop chips available sooner or if the related mobile variants will also hit the market at the same time. We will probably know more at the Intel Innovation event, which will be held from 27 to 28 October.