New Ghostbusters game from the developers of Friday the 13th

New Ghostbusters game from the developers of Friday the 13th

The creators of Friday the 13th are working on a new Ghostbusters game. That comes from an interview in the latest edition of the podcast "Questlove Supreme". Raphael Saadiq, one of the founders of the Illfonic developer studio, was there to answer questions. When the gaming topic came up during the conversation, Saadiq stated that Illfonic is "currently working on Ghostbusters" - without giving any further details.

Therefore, it is not yet known exactly what type of game it is and how far its development has progressed. The new film Ghostbusters Legacy (known in the US as Ghostbusters: Afterlife) will hit theaters on November 18, 2021. Accordingly, it is reasonable to assume that Illfonic's game could be an adaptation of this film template. Should this be the case, however, the corresponding marketing machinery would have to start up in the near future in order to benefit from the hype surrounding cinema adventure Name made. Among other things, Friday the 13th and Predator: Hunting Grounds are from this team. It is therefore conceivable that the new Ghostbusters game could also increasingly rely on a multiplayer component. A cooperative ghost hunt, for example, would be possible, in which some of the players act as ghost hunters while another player slips into the role of a ghost and has to defend himself.

Source: Questlove Supreme Podcast

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