Karas: Yamato announces the Italian dubbing

Karas: Yamato announces the Italian dubbing


Yamato Video has announced on its Facebook page the Italian translation of Karas, the series consisting of six OVAs, which this year celebrated the 40th anniversary of the Tatsunoko studio.

Karas: the Italian dubbing

The story of the anime revolves around the Karas, people who manage to transform into powerful mechanical warriors. They will fight to make peace or their own ambitions prevail.

In Japan it aired between 2005 and 2007 while in our country it was broadcast with original audio and Italian subtitles on the Man-ga channel of Sky in June 2017.

The direction and the original idea are by Keiichi Sato (Tiger & Bunny), Shin Yoshida was responsible for the composition of the series, Masaya Honda for the script, Kenji Hayama (Change !! Shin Getter Robot) of character design and Yoshihiro Ike of music.

The Italian dubbed are: Ismaele Ariano in the role of Otoha, the protagonist who has to face the rebel army. Martina Felli plays Yurine, a being created by the union of a cat and a woman who accompanies the protagonist. Riccardo Sarti is Eko Hoshunin, the antagonist at the head of a small army. Maurizio Merluzzo is Nue, Luana Congedo is Tsuchigumo and Luca Ghignone is the Commissioner.

Here is the synopsis:

When darkness falls and night comes, people turn on the lights to keep away the darkness, because they feel that there is something hiding in the shadows.

In Tokyo, humans unknowingly coexist with spirits and demons, but after the death of the guardian Karas who protected the city, there are now frequent and inexplicable murders, the nature of which goes far beyond human understanding.

To stop the deaths, the bizarre priestess Yurine has been looking for a new warrior for some time: so she will come across her search in the young Otaha, in her opinion suitable for the role. But wearing Karas's armor, defeating the demons and restoring peace, will not be easy…

Below you can watch the trailer of the Italian dub:

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