Galaxy S22, Samsung unveils the model that will sell the most

Galaxy S22, Samsung unveils the model that will sell the most

Galaxy S22

We are fast approaching that part of the year where the first rumors of a certain depth about the Galaxy S22 family of products begin to appear.

The new top of the range of the Korean company are particularly awaited, also because this once they may all be compatible with the S Pen. So an important feature for everyone and not just the prerogative of the Ultra model.

This year, in fact, it was chosen to "delegate" the more expensive model to take the place of the Galaxy Note, it being understood that the the only feature not up to the historic "phablet" is the impossibility of housing the S Pen inside the smartphone.

If the entire Galaxy S22 lineup boasts this function, it could mean the definitive exit from the market of the Galaxy Note family. And after the arrival of a product like Galaxy Z Fold3, which makes this function compatible, the market for the historic brand with a pen is getting tighter.

Furthermore, the company is increasingly inclined to market a smaller Galaxy S22 model, with a display having a diagonal of about 6 inches. According to market forecasts, it could also be the best-selling of all the models to come. In fact, Samsung estimates that the shares will be divided as follows:

Galaxy S22 standard (the one with a 6-inch display) with sales of about 50/60% of the total; Galaxy S22 + with a 20% stake; Galaxy S22 Ultra with 20% stake. Also this year the standard Galaxy S21 model was the best-selling one, certainly the lower price at which it has been placed since day one played a fundamental role.

In short, just under two months separate us from arrival of the new top of the range and never as now the Galaxy Note smartphone family is at risk for its future.

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Samsung might be pinning a lot of its hopes on the base Galaxy S22


  • The Galaxy S22 could account for at least half of the total S22 series production.
  • This would represent a higher proportion of base models produced compared to previous years.
  • Samsung is expected to announce the Galaxy S22 series of flagship phones in early 2022, and we’ve already seen leaked renders courtesy of frequent leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer. Now, a new report suggests that Samsung thinks the standard S22 could be the runaway sales champ.

    The standard Galaxy S22 is expected to account for at least half of all Galaxy S22 series phones produced, The Elec reported. More specifically, the outlet says Samsung is hoping to have the base S22 account for 50% to 60% of its shipment goal.

    It’s claimed that the company wants the Galaxy S22 Plus to account for 20% of total series production, while the firm is purportedly hoping that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will account for 20% to 30%.

    “This is the first time that Samsung has intentionally set one model of the series to account for over half of the production and shipment target,” The Elec wrote.

    It’s believed that the base S20 previously accounted for 40% of S20 series production, the Plus model was pegged at 40% to 45%, and the Ultra was said to account for 10% to 15%. Meanwhile, the base S21 apparently accounted for 40% of the production for the S21 series, while the Plus and Ultra were said to account for 30% each.

    The outlet also claimed that Samsung’s manufacturing goal for the S22 series is in the low 20 million units. By contrast, the company was said to have aimed for 30 million Galaxy S21 series units.

    Either way, the apparent increased focus on the base Galaxy S22 suggests Samsung might be aggressive on its price. The base Galaxy S21 received a $200 price cut from the Galaxy S20, retailing for $800. So there is a precedent for a price cut.

    This news also comes after a Korean news outlet claimed that Samsung is thinking about canceling the Galaxy S21 FE. So an even cheaper Galaxy S22 could theoretically be an alternative device if the S21 FE doesn’t make it out of the gate.

    Do you think Samsung should skip the Galaxy S21 FE in favor of a cheaper Galaxy S22 series phone? Let us know via the poll above.