Eurogamer is updated with a new design

Eurogamer is updated with a new design

A year has passed since the last revision of Eurogamer's design, with which we have adapted the site to the many new ways of using information from the network, introducing the Mobile, Portable and HD versions, and highlighting the articles of greatest interest even more. .

We are very satisfied with these innovations but we certainly did not stop at them: the world of the web, as well as that of video games, is constantly evolving and therefore we continue to improve.

How? Giving you the ability to read more and more clearly, giving a touch of color where you need it and arranging the articles so that you can find the important ones.

With these guidelines in mind, we inaugurated the new layout yesterday of our pages which, as you may have already noticed, present these main innovations:

Some people think titles are the most important part of an article. Well, that's not necessarily the case, but this time we thought about making them bigger so that they immediately catch the eye and leave no gaps. There are also large images that, complete with boxes to reveal the nerve centers of the articles, open those of greatest interest, such as particularly popular news, reviews, specials, interviews and guides. The bar on the left of the articles is no longer gray but white: now the page "breathes", making it easier for our most avid users to read. The "Games covered in this article" box immediately makes it clear which title you are talking about, with the possibility of adding it to your favorites to stay up to date. Beyond these small but fundamental changes, Eurogamer has remained the same: you can still select the layout you prefer, between Mobile, Portable and HD, to adapt the size of the site to the device from which you consult it, follow the most commented articles in the heart of the home page and "the most recently read", if you missed the latest news from the world of video games.

That's it! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, G + and YouTube, with our channel full of exclusive content, movies from the most anticipated games and video reviews.

We hope you like the new design: let us know what you think !