WoW: Solo Run in Mythic + 19 - blood death knight creates dungeon single-handedly

WoW: Solo Run in Mythic + 19 - blood death knight creates dungeon single-handedly


In the meantime, it is actually no longer unusual for players in World of Warcraft to fight their way through a dungeon or sometimes even a complete raid - many fans have already tried that. The latest action of the YouTuber "Mulini" is worth a closer look.

He had made it his business to fight single-handedly through the dungeon "Hall of Atonement". Of course, he didn't do this on the normal level of difficulty, but on the "Mythic + 19" level. Some groups with casual players already have to nibble on that as a team of five. However, "Mulini" made it on a solo path. His death knight tank, which he logically plays in the blood specialization, was used for this.

In this way, several talents and abilities are available to him that grant him a certain amount of self-healing. This includes, among other things, the fatal blow, which heals the death knight for a certain percentage of the damage that he had to take before. Despite these advantages, it is of course not an easy undertaking to master such a dungeon on your own. For this, the player had to use some special tactics and tricks - and above all be patient. The campaign cost him a total of four hours.

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Wow interviews: How to jump back in the job market

ORLANDO, Fla. – Twenty-three million Americans were unemployed last year, as companies had to let employees go because of COVID-19. But now the job market is opening back up and the rush is on to find employees.

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Make sure you have a good connection, good lighting, consider your body language. Experts say, online your non-verbal cues are more obvious. Be aware of facial expressions, posture and be an active listener. Be sure to research the company and begin your interview with one line that lets them know you did your homework.


Describe your accomplishments in short, concise sentences. Don’t ramble and show how your achievements would fit into short-term and long-term plans. And be sure to ask questions, but don’t ask the obvious because if you want to stand out, you have to be unique, prepared and ready to work.

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